Friday, April 17, 2015

Clearly Creative Blog Hop with The Little Blue House

              Well, it's time for another fun blog hop with The Little Blue House!

This month we will be sharing projects we created using  Bo Bunny "Sweet Life" papers and embellishments and sharing with you how we incorporated  Bella Blvd "Clear Cuts" into our project.  You can find these supplies  and lots more in the Little Blue House Online Store

 At the bottom of this post I'll share links to the other Team Members Blogs, where they will be sharing there projects and inspiration.   The Little Blue House will be offering a Clearly Creative Grand Prize. To be entered for a chance to win all you have to do is visit each blog and leave a comment. 

I'll be sharing how to re-purpose a thrift store frame to make a new piece of decor.

I picked up this gold frame at the goodwill for 99 cents.  It was gold, but I wanted it to be  prominently white, but with a little gold showing through. I painted the entire frame with white acrylic paint (two coats, letting it dry in between  each coat).   Once it was completely dry, and took a small piece of sand paper and lightly sanded the high spots on the frame, revealing the gold underneath.
Once that was done I cut my piece of Clear plastic ( with white strips) to fit just inside the lip of the back of the frame that originally held the glass.  I added just a bit of hot glue all the way around the lip of the back of the frame before setting the plastic piece in.

Now, time to make the center piece.   I cut a banner piece just long enough to fit inside my frame.
You can see below how I layered and added the other pieces  and stitched around the edge of the square yellow piece.   I stitched with gold thread, which really coordinated well with the gold that was showing thru on the frame.

Add your ribbon and tie it in a bow in the front.
All that is left to do at this point is to add the Tim Holtz Clipboard Clip to hold  the mail piece in place and and your chipboard saying to the bottom of the frame.  The Butterfly and the saying are both from the coordinating Chipboard pieces for the Bo Bunny "Sweet Life" Collection.  You can see them HERE

If you chose to put this in a stand, it's fun because you will see light thru where the clear plastic is. If you hang it on the wall, you will see the color of the wall behind.

 The girls have all kinds of great projects and fun inspiration on their blogs, so I hope you will pop over and check them out.

 Miss Tracy

You are certain to leave inspired!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ryan and Erin Layout using Bo Bunny "Sweet LIfe" Collection for The LIttle Blue House

 I am really enjoying my new gig with The Little Blue House, I have to tell you. They do such a great job of carrying the most awesome paper collections and products.  This month I had the pleasure of working with papers from the Bo Bunny "Sweet Life" Collection.   When you are a part of a Media Team like this, how it works is, that each month you are sent a different products and you are asked to create certain things with those products (generally). Which hopefully helps show how they can be used in different ways.  I've enjoyed the privilege of being on many different Design Teams over the past 15 years, and have had great experiences with all of them. Learned from them all and made friendship that I cherish. Most of them have been manufactures teams, which means you work with only that specific  companies product.  Years ago when I first got into the craft industry and hadn't been on any other DT's , I designed for a Kit Club.   The idea there was a lot like it is with what I am doing now with LBH only I use different things that LBH selling in their online store.  You might be using  predominantly one paper line, but you will use it with products from other companies also.  You don't know what might come that month.  If it's your style, something you would choose to work with, or not??    I realized way back then that I LOVE THAT!  It challenges me!!   It makes me think out of the box, and helps me come up with new ideas.   
When I decided I was going to step back from traveling and teaching.. and so many design team obligations, I knew this was something I wanted to go back to and do again.  Have the time, and really enjoy it.
 And I am!

I have a tutorial up on how to create this layout on THE LITTLE BLUE HOUSE BLOG and I'd love for you to pop over and check it out :)

The adorable couple in the layout are my nephew Ryan and my soon to by niece in law Erin.

Below is a peek at the Bo Bunny "Sweet Life" Collection, but you can see it all  HERE

I used these adorable layered  Chipboards on a number of my pieces this month and really loved them.  The little butterflies on the pieces on the bottom left are what I took off and used coming off the photo onto the page, on the layout.

And this little Maya Road Chipboard camera made me seriously giddy!   You can see below how I used it.

There is a complete tutorial on the LBH blog HERE

I'll be back soon with more to share.  And I'm planning a give away to celebrate 9 years of blogging :)

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Monday, April 13, 2015

A new card using Simple Stories and photos from Rural Route Rust

HELLO!  Happy Start to a brand new week!  I'm so happy it's finally feeling like Spring! I love seeing everything starting to bud out and turn green.  This weekend my sis and I spent a beautiful Saturday at Rural Route Rust, a Flea Market in Avoca NE.  I'll share photos below.  Iit was a super nice day.
I'm sharing a card today I created using  the  "I AM" collection from Simple Stories.  Yes... I love this collection.   It was what our Little Blue House kit last month, but before I knew that I had already purchased some... because I was so drawn to it.  So you are going to see me using it on a number of projects. lol  But seriously, who could tired of these pretty papers??    You can find them all in The Little Blue House Online Store.
The bow is my paper bow die from AccuCut   BOWS  VC106

So ... I thought I'd share some of our day on Saturday.  Like I said, it was our first time here.  Although I know they have had this event before, never with near this many vendors from what I understand.    It was a beautiful day for a drive. I met my sis in Lincoln and we headed to Avoca from there. I had never been even been to Avoca before, but it's only about a half hour from Lincoln.

It started at 10 and that's when we arrived, but as you can see, there was a steady stream of cars ahead of us.  Truthfully I quit going to Junkstock because of the chaos, and feeling like the prices were getting higher each year.  This was a refreshing change.   Seemed like things were really well organized and  everyone was so friendly.   I was glad they had such a beautiful day for this event.

There was a nice variety of vendors. Each with their own unique style. A little something for everyone.  Always fun just to look, ( if you are a window shopper. Unfortunately I'm not so good at that. lol) I always find things I just HAVE to have :)

Maybe everyone seemed so happy just because they were happy  to be out on such a nice Spring day :)
The land and building where this was set up was just so awesome!!  I little creek ran along side it and the entire time you would hear frogs croaking.    I wish I would have taken more photos of the buildings to share with you. There was a little school house where they served food  there and it  was just adorable!!  Jan and I talked about how we could have just sat in there all afternoon as we ate our lunch.  SO CUTE!  

I saw so many things I would have loved to take home with me. But I tried to practice some sense of control. Although I did come home with a few things.

I love it when events have fun things for kids also.  You don't always have to spend a lot of money to take your kids to something.  Sometimes "simple" is better.   For just $1  to get in , they had all kinds of animals for the kids to see, photo opps, big tire swings ect.  

Like I said.. I saw lots of things I would have loved to take home with me.  Jan and I visited this booth a number of times. CUTE stuff!

( thanks for pointing the direction .. whoevers hand that is in the photo) lol

There was so many of these windmill pieces.   We walked up at 10:15am , fifteen minutes after it opened , and ever single one was already marked SOLD.   I SO wish I could see what each person was doing with them.

The barn was even full of fun stuff.  I took this photo from the opening in the front of the loft of the barn. Over to the left is the little school house. You can just see part of it.   The back side had restrooms. Very nice restrooms.. which is a plus for me.   We were impressed with how  this event was put together.  Congratulations Rural Route Rust on a really nice event.

  I forgot to take photos of what I ended up buying :(   So I just snapped photos of a couple of things with my phone.    I love this tin corrugated arrow I found!     Decided to hang it here in the Mud room.

Hung this in the TV room upstairs.

My sis and I hit were junking at a number of different places all day Friday AND Saturday, so I'm having a hard time remember what I'll I picked up along the way. lol    This stuff was from Saturday. Another Clock for my collection.  A Parcheesi board.. just because I liked it. lol     

I got two different shirts on Saturday at RRR.  They had a great set up for T shirts.  You picked out your size, color and print and they had a press, and ironed them on right there.  It was great.

This isn't from Saturday. I found these at the Estate Dispersal Sale on Friday.   Nothing fancy at all but a great deal. And we just need them to be functional.   This is at the Cabin. We aren't there much any more but Wes is, and she's been telling me the chairs were in bad shape.   The table and chairs came with the cabin when we bought it  25 years ago.  I totally want to keep the table, I love it. And it's really sturdy.  The chairs had served us well .. but needed to be replaced.   These chairs are not fancy.. but remember it's a cabin.  They were in really good shape and .... wait for it............ $20 for all 4
 Wes only put three in there to save space. He can pull the other one out when  needed.

Time for me to get some things done around here today. Too much play for Vicki this weekend. lol
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend also!

Thanks for letting me share.


Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Spring Berry Basket ideas with Little Blue House and Fancy Pants Designs and sharing a bit of our Easter

Here we are full speed ahead into April! Wow, how did THAT happen?   This is a busy month for me. Lots going on. Hosting a bridal shower for my soon to be new niece in law, going to SD for my Uncles 90th Birthday Celebration and a number of other things. All fun stuff!  It just seems there is something every weekend. I know this month is going to fly be also.
I hope everyone had a nice Easter.  We certainly did. The weather was fantastic! I was so glad the kids could get outside for their Easter Egg Hunt.  It's always such a bummer if it's rainy.   I'll share a few photos from our Easter at the bottom of this post, but first I thought I'd share some Spring Berry Basket ideas with you.   I just love berry baskets, and now you can get them in so many different fun colors. I picked these aqua baskets up at Hobby Lobby.
The Media Team as been working with the "I AM" collection from Simple Stories   from The Little Blue House, and I adore this collection!   I used these chipboard stickers from the collection to create this Basket.  I just used a couple of dowels I painted whitel and some string.

So many adorable little Chipboard pieces.
You can see the entire collection HERE.

Here are some other baskets I did.  I used the Fancy Pants Designs  Flutter and As you Wish Collections for these baskets.

I created the handles by wrapping soft coated pink wire around a kind of bark coated wire.  Both wires where found at Hobby Lobby. The wire that looks like it's coated with bark, I found in the wedding department .  We used it at Jarad and Kate's outdoor wedding. It's great for a natural look.  The coated colored wire was in the kids crafts. It comes in a package with difference colored pre-cut strips of coated wire.
The Bow is cut from my AccuCut bow design VC106

The flower on this basket is also an AccuCut die.

You can see my post about these baskets HERE on the Fancy Pants Designs Blog.

 I think little baskets like these are so much fun and such a great way to give a little gift of some goodies. Always perfect for a few cookies :)     Easter is over but Spring isn't.  And remember... May Day is right around the corner.  I loved May Day as a kid, and still do.  I feel like it's falling to the the way side these days.  I'm not  giving up on May Day.... I WILL be making baskets for my friends! Whose says you have to be a kid.  I just dont know about the whole ... "ring the door bell and run" thing.  Might be easier just to get kissed. lol


Well, if you have been visiting here you know .. I have a big extended family.  That means at this point there is just too many of us to fit into anyone's  home comfortably lol.  So, since we still wanted to get together, we decided the place wasnt important, what was important was that we were together, so we now rent a place.
I have to say it was hard in the beginning, especially when mom was still alive and it wasn't mom and dads house... it wasn't home, were we had, always enjoyed our holidays.  But we got used to it  Changes are hard. Holidays without mom and dad of course are never the same. We always miss them.  But the place, well, that really shouldn't matter.    We all come together. Us, our kids, grandkids, and who ever else wants to come. Everyone brings something, and as mom would say.. "There is enough food to feed an army".
No fancy China, it's paper plates , and if someone who didn't know us walked it, they would probably think .. this is "chaos" at times. lol   It's loud and busy and far from structured .. lol ...but it's US!    We laugh and hug and play ridiculous games.  The kids enjoy plaing with their cousins, and we enjoys catching up on each others busy lives.
     It was a great day! 

My brothers granddaughters.

The girls are from different parents... and aqua dress where not the planned attire. lol   Made for cute photos tho :)

It proved much easier to get photos of the girls that the boys. The girls are willing to pose. The boys were on the run!
I had to be quick with the camera to get one when they were looking lol

So cute in their little suits.

Hope you can click on this to see it bigger. Most everyone was outside but I see my brother Ray and my hubby talking there at the table and had to laugh at the fact that there are to American girl dolls sitting up to the table on chairs next to them , like they are part of the conversation. lol

I hope your Easter was nice, whatever you did.  I sent the last of the candy home with Kate for her kids at school. I couldnt have it in the house anymore. Yikes!

Thanks so much as always for coming by! It means a lot to me that you take time to read. I know life is busy.


Friday, April 03, 2015

"Spring" Banner and a girls craft day

Well, yesterday was a fun day.  The girls and I went to lunch and then they came here fur a afternoon of crafting. We've made a number of banners before, but we didn't have a Spring one yet, that was today's project. We've decided now that when we take the banners we've made down from one season we feel like the space looks bare, so we have been making them for each new season.

A few people have asked in the past if I ever have have kits I would sell. I made up a few extra of this. I have THREE KITS of this SPRING BANNER If anyone is interested you can email me at    The banners are $15 with $2.50 shipping.   They are ready to mail now.
(note: the yellow paper pattern by vary slightly from kit to kit)

Super easy to put together.  Banner pieces are already cut.  You cut out the letter and mat them on the white that's included.   You get foam squares in the kit to add them to the banner piece.  You also get mini foam squares to add your little die cut flowers to the clothes pins. Bakers twine, paper doilies, .....sticky pearls for flower centers,all in the kit.

We had a great time chatting away as we did our cutting. Since it all goes together pretty easy, it's one of those projects you can just work on while you visit.  Or in our case laugh ourselves to tears. Seriously, I don't know when I laughed so much!

Left to right, Julie, me, Karen, Jan.

We finally had Dan come in an take the photo above after us trying numerous times ourselves to get one of the four of us together.  As you can see below.. that did not work well. lol

We had hot fudge brownies for dessert after a hard afternoon of crafting and laughing.

I don't know how I could be so blessed to have such amazing friends... but I certainly am.  Nothing like having friends you just click with.. that you feel comfortable with and you can laugh with about the craziest things with .


I'll be sharing a project in my next post with this vellum flower on it, but in the mean time I'll love for you to pop over to the Little Blue House Blog for Trend Report "Vellum".  I have a tutorial up there on how to create this flower out of  "Sprinkles Vellum" from Doodlebug
You can also see all the other tutorials by other DT members there on the blog.

It will be a enjoyable weekend again, with Sunday being Easter.  Excited to see the kids and be with family.  Whatever you have planned I hope it's a fantastic weekend for you! 
Happy Easter!!!