Saturday, December 13, 2014

NEW Digital Christmas Stamps from Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage and photos from my banner class at Florals Finds and Glorified Junk

Well, I have been excited to work with these new digital Christmas Stamps that Crafty Secrets just released. A little too excited I guess, because I managed to drop my paintbrush on my page!  Super frustrating!  I've printed off a new page and will work on it tomorrow.  I was just so relaxed and really enjoying the process and then... oooops!  You can visit here on the Heartwarming Vintage blog  to see all the new stamps and see a great tutorial Sandy has posted on how to change the color from black to whatever color you choose.
There are some awesome new images.  You can only image how happy I was to see the DEER!! And a truck with a tree in the back that is so cool!  Anyway, you can check them out for yourself..but there is a lot of them .. and they are all great!

My banner classes at Floral Finds and Glorified Junk were very fun.  Total girls night... lots of craftiness and chatting :)     There really isnt space for large classes here, but to have a chance to do these smaller intimate classes that are just really low key... was so much fun. It was just like a friends night out.

(you can see the banners we made my previous post)

*You can follow Florals, Finds and Glorified Junk on Facebook*
The place is so fun anyway, but at night with the Christmas lights... well, it was just really awesome!

Lynda ( the owner)  has an amazing eye for design. Although she is a florist, she is very talented crafter... oh... and junker, painter,  business owner, and wearer of about a million other hats... all while running after three little super cute little boys.   Luckily she has an great side kick.. her husband Tom. Between the two of them I don't think there is much they cant do. They have made this place look so fantastic!

The shop is full of beautiful Poinsettias Lynda had just gotten in.

Super Cute big Stars and snowflakes Lynda and Tom make.  My sis went home with one of each :)

Oh.. and look at this Santa Lynda made!
We crafted, and chatted and had cupcakes and cider, in Lynda's fun barn shop.  I love these little vintage style tree picks I found at Layered Cake Shop.   I also ordered some adorable DEER :) and some silver trees.   Here is the link to it on line if you are interested.   Layered Cake Shop

The best part of teaching classes, is always ... of course hoping you inspire others ...but for me it's also making  new friends... and of course spending time with old friends.. if I'm lucky enough to have them there.  Which this time I was:)  yay!   The other night I met a new friend.  She is a blog follower, and believe it or not she lives not all that far away from me.   I'm hoping we'll be able to get together on a regular basis now that we know each other.  Yay for making new friends!!    Waving HI Karen!

Thanks for letting me share with you.  Tomorrow I'll give watercolor another whirl and try to hold on to my brush a little better this time.

Thanks for stopping by! 


Sunday, December 07, 2014

Upcoming banner classes at Florals Finds and Glorified Junk, using Crafty Secrets Retro Christmas CD

Hey everyone!  Today I thought I'd share a couple of banner classes I'll be teaching next week at Floral Finds and Glorified Junk  ( 972 HWY 30 North Bend NE )   If you don't live close enough to be able to attend ,you can make your own using Crafty Secrets "Creating with Vintage Retro Christmas CD"   :)

But if you are interested in either of these banner classes they will be Wed Dec 10th.   This one at 6:00pm and the "Merry Christmas" double banner at 7:30pm.  Space is limited so I will only be taking six in each of these classes.  If you are interested shoot me an email    Lynda's shop is darling and we will have a fun time, enjoying some cider and cookies, chatting and crafting.

Here are some close ups.

This is the second class.

You certainly don't have to be a master crafter to come enjoy making these banners.  Most of it is just assembling. ( that's the fun part right?)  You'll go home with a festive handmade banner to add to your Christmas decor. yay!

Lynda's shop is such a fun place.  Of course it's now all decked out for the Holidays.  Lynda will also be offering some amazing classes soon. I'll share photos here as soon as she posts them.  She is talented gal!!
She has been so kind to me, I'm thankful our paths crossed and we became friends. Not only does she have a heart of gold but her she oozes craftiness!  Always inspiring!   If you are in the area, stop by her shop to see her creations.

                                   Floral Finds and Glorified Junk  ( 972 HWY 30 North Bend NE )

Our youngest had a birthday this week.   Where has the time gone?    We had a really nice time all celebrating Jarad's and Dans December Birthdays at Jarad and Kate's cabin Friday night. Tacos and cards :)
He'll still always be my baby.
Christmas decor is finished and to say I simplified this year would be an understatement. lol  Still, I'm happy with it. It seems I like "less" these days.

Always have my favorites, that I have to put out.

I love their sweet faces.
I hope your December is off to a great start.  Don't let the craziness of the month get to you. Step back and just enjoy being with family and friends... and remembering why we celebrate.  I'm really working on that year.
Focus on whats important right:)

Holiday Hugs to all of you!

Thanks as always for coming by!!  Vic

Monday, December 01, 2014

Catching up

Oh my, to think I used to blog daily! Wow, how things have changed lol.   I have a tiny bit of guilt about that, but at the same time I'm enjoying the extra time for things I havent been able to do for years.  Like.... reading a book. Wow... that's a big deal to me.  Just taking time for other things I enjoy.. and it's good.   But I love being able to come up to my studio and create when I feel like it now, instead of always for a deadline. It's so much more enjoyable when your doing it because you just really want to.
The other day I got to go see some really excited new parents and a beautiful new baby girl.  Some friends of Wes's (and ours of course) that live on a farm near us just had their first baby. She's precious and they are over the moon! 
I took dinner  and a couple of outfits for the baby over too them their second night home from the hospital.  (Good excuse to get to hold the baby huh?)     Anyway, I started making a card for the gift and decided on a little banner instead.

Meet Lyla... she's perfect!

 So the cold weather has arrived.... winter is here. Not my favorite time of the year, but I'm always trying to see the beauty in it when I can.  Its has it's moments.   I do love the Holidays though.  

  We really do have so much to be thankful for. Thankful our kids are happy and healthy.

And that we have gotten to spend time with all of them this month :)

We were all together with the large extended family on Thanksgiving, and that was great.
( I'm glad the pumpkin pie if finally gone so it quits tempting me!!)

It was a great day with the family. I realized at the end of the day that I had hardly taken any photos at all.  The incident below may have distracted me a bit from photo taking. grrrrr.     Thank goodness we had all already eaten, and I was just making an extra batch of gravy for later when the handle on the pot decided to break as I was turning to pour it into the bowl to cool.   Thank goodness it had already cooled some or I could have really gotten burned.   Yep... that mess is gravy!   Not fun to clean up, I'll tell you that much.
Luckily the place we rent is really close to where we live, so I could run home to change. Trust me, when I walked in the door the dogs thought they had hit the jack pot. lol  I dogs dream... the person you love... covered in gravy! lol

Yesterday and the day before I started working on putting Fall decorations away and bringing out the Christmas stuff.  I dont put our half what I used to and still it seems to take forever.  I'm just trying to take my time and enjoy the process.   At this rate I should be finished by the 24th or 25th lol.

I wanted to be sure to tell you all that the December Fancy Pants Newsletter is  out today.   It's full of inspiration!!!    You can see it here  NEWSLETTER

Here is a peek at a few things I have in this issue

cards and gift wrap ideas.

I hope you are all taking time for yourselfs during this holiday season.   Give yourself permission for that... it's okay.... really it is :)

Thanks as always for coming by, Vicki

Monday, November 17, 2014

Stenciled jars using Hazel and Ruby Stencil Masks

Hi everyone!   I don't want to forget to tell you that today is my day up on the Fancy Pants Designs Blog the project I created is also done using these stencils, so I hope you will pop over and check it out.  I show the steps over there along with a finished shadowbox project using Fancy Pants and Hazel and Ruby.  You can see it HERE.  The two are teaming up all this week... so there is sure to be fun stuff and lots of inspiration on both blogs!
Here are links to both blogs.
Fancy Pants Designs Blog
Hazel & Ruby Blog

Okay... so here's the deal.  I'm pretty much in love with Hazel & Ruby Stencil Masks. lol Seriously.. oh my!  Like I said Fancy Pants is doing a swap with them this month so they were kind enough to send me some product.  Since I worked on my project for the Fancy Pants blog post and tried out the stencils.. my mind as been reeling on the things they could be used for.  ( again... their blog is full of inspiration).       I decided to make use of some old jars I had sitting around. This is a simple project that would make fun Christmas gifts.   I just used acrylic craft pant and a foam brush. ( put it on light, no completely covering).  I lifted the stencil off while the paint was still wet  with out any problem. ( stencil was then super easy to wipe off).  Once the paint was dry I scuffed it up a bit with a little piece of sand paper. (or even an emery board works).
Without sealing it with something, of course the paint could easily scrape up... so if you want you can spray it with a clear coat sealer.  I chose not too.
Here is what the Stencil Masks look like. You wipe them off, return them to the sheet and use them over and over :)  YAY, I love that!   This is one of the ones I used but you can see them HERE.

I put little dried red berries I had in my Christmas stuff in the jars and then added a little tea light.  But you'll see a larger one below that I did, that I think I'll use to put colorful hard candies in as a gift.

*** little hint*** if you buy the white tea lights you can paint them with brown paint and while the paint is still wet cover them with Cinnamon.  They look rustic.. and smell good.

Some I kept simple and some I dressed up with ribbons and pretties.
I glued little gems to the inside of the stars on this one.

It's hard to tell but all the others where done with a bit of a off white paint and the one below with white-white. I wanted to see how each one looked.  Really either was fine, what ever your preference is.  Some I roughed up a bit more than others also.  Just trying out different things to see what I liked best.
This is just one container, I just took photos of all the sides so you could see the Santa and deer :)

Brace yourself, because I'm sure it's not the last you'll see of projects using these stencils. lol  When I like something, I really like it.


Okay, sharing a few more photos from  my trip. These photos are all North Carolina.

Some favorites.     

Every day was just full of so many beautiful things to see. I was constantly in awe.  One of the best parts was enjoying taking photos.  I love to take photos.  I don't care of they are the best, or if I don't have super fancy lens... I just love it.  Some times when I'm with people feel like they are always waiting on me because I'm seeing something I just want so badly to get a photo of in just that certainly light, or angle.  Not on this trip.  My sis and brother-in-law are both "photo people" so it was great!  My brother-in-law is an amazing photographer and is always helping me with my camera and sharing tips with me.  Its so nice to be with people who are into the same things you are. I couldn't have asked for better travel companions.

No words for this.

The view from our balcony one morning.  That is my sis and brother-in-law picking up shells. Priceless.

When it's cold and dreary this winter I will just have to have one of these photos blown up poster size to pull my through. lol

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fancy Pants Designs "Hello" card... and I'm back!

Finally back, caught up on laundry and a few things around here, and actually ready to do a blog post! yay!  Feels like I've been gone so long. Well, it has been a while.  I was gone (away from home) 15 days! That's the longest I've ever been away. I missed the family and the pups but was so glad to be able to be with my Florida family to celebrate the life of my dear brother in law Howard after his passing. All of us here have felt very far away from our sis in Florida while Howard was battling cancer and so ill. It was good for us all to be together.. to be there with her... and to honor him.   Dan and I were planning to fly out but he wouldnt be have to get away from work for very long. My sis Jan and brother in law Keith ask me to drive out with them and to spend some time on the way home driving along the outer banks. I was an amazing trip. I have so many photos I'd love to share, (you know me.. so you can only imagine) lol, so I'll share them a few at a time.  Today I'm just sharing a few from Florida with family.   But first ... a card.   

Made with the Fancy Pants "True Friend" Collection

As you know, if you have been a reader, I come from a large family.  I'm the baby of seven.  We are a very close family, and all started out in Nebraska, but two of sisters and their families have lived away from here for years now.. but we still see them often.  This sister (Sharon) in Florida and my other sister (Donna) in Arizona.  I still have a sister and two brothers here in Nebraska.  One brother who has passed.    My sister Sharon and her husband Howard started out in Nebraska so both their families are from Nebraska. Lots of Florida AND Nebraska family from both sides in these photos. We love them all!   Although it was a sad time, being together made it so much better. I know Howard was smiling down on all the craziness and loving seeing all of us together.

Getting to hold and love on little ones I hadn't even met in person yet... was amazing! You know people can say all they want about Facebook, and it's drama, ect ect... but I have to say for me it's been an amazing way to keep up with family and friends.. and I wouldnt trade that for anything.  Even though I had never met the little ones in these photos in person, I felt like I knew them.  I've seen so many photos of them, and read so many posts their mommmas have made about them.  I knew what their voices sound like from videos, watched for news about how their first day at preschool went , or even when they are running a fever.  So Facebook CAN BE a GOOD thing :)    
  Today I just watched a video of baby Aria (top right photo) taking her first steps by self. Yay Aria!

The weather was beautiful all the days we were there. In the photo below we were out in the backyard at my sisters looking at the alligator in the water.  (something Nebraskans don't see every day) lol

You can see him in this photo...but trust me .... he was there.

While we were there my niece and her husband took us all out in the boat for the afternoon. 

And this Nebraska girl was enjoying every minute of it !

As I looked through these photos to find ones to post today, I stopped on this one and tried to wish my self back there, as I heard the wind whipping outside my window and new the white stuff was falling.  Yep.... we had  snow last night. Poo! I'm so not ready for winter.  I almost cried when I had to finally put my flip flops away on the weekend.

The best part of the time there was spending time with my sis. Her mind was kept busy while we were all there and there was so much going on but it's going to be hard now.  I know her heart is so full of sadness and how much she will miss her love of  52 years. Please keep her in your prayers if you would.  Thank you

I have more projects and photos to share ...but I'll do a post every few days to break it up. 
Thanks for coming by.