Wednesday, September 02, 2015

"Little Buckaroo" card and a BABY SHOWER!

I finished up editing some photos from the baby shower yesterday so I could share them with you in this  post. Saturday was such a fun day. I was so excited to see my niece Neely.  With her and Alan living in LA we don't see as much of them as we'd like.  The girls and I have been planning this shower for her for some time now... and it was finally here! yay!
I had made this card for her using Fancy Pants "Childish Things" Collection.   It's one of the older collections but one of my faves.

The the shower, we rented the same clubhouse we usually rent for our family showers. It a great central spot for those coming from the surrounding towns and it's a nicely kept place.       My sis and I had great help with this shower.  Three of Neely's long time friends, Janelle, Kendra and Amy, were our pardners in crime this time.  We were an awesome team :)   Well... and fun loving one for sure!
Between my sis and I we had plenty of decor things .  I made these different banners by sewing together different cut colors of cardstock.  A lot of inspiration was  found here Karas Party Ideas
My sis found that little crib at a flea market and had Amy ( who is an amazing seamstress) do up a mattress pad ,  pillows ect.. with some different fabrics Jan  picked out.

We always get the cakes for the showers at Sams.  The Coconut cake is to die for!  I'm not a  dark chocolate girl, but they say the choc is  amazing. This was the first time we also tried a Carrot cake because we noticed the size of the cakes was smaller this time around.   The carrot was yummy also.
I made some fun little do dads to decorate the cakes with just wooden dowels I painted and paper also.

Neely is going to be such a good momma and Alan a good dad. I'm so excited for them.   Neely's friend Kiana  made her that headband of real flowers for the shower.

Here are a few other photos of the decor.  A framed photo of the little man of honor.

I made  these little seat savers for the mom and grandma to be.

for cards

My sis had filled these shadowboxes with photos of Neely and Alan when they were babies. She also had  Some of her beautiful apothecary jars filled with cute baby things. This one had a stuffed animal and little baby moccasins she had gotten for the baby in it.
This jar had Neelys baby shoes and baby rattle in it. 
I had made a little guest book for Neely using a Fancy Pants Foiled Gold Heart Mini Brag Book
I had cut little tags that would fit inside that people wrote advice on.  I had added her ultrasound photo, photos of her and Alan, the shower invite, a photo of the shower planning team, and then  left places for her to add photos from the shower and journaling.

Food? Well, lets just say, no one  should have gone home hungry.
I covered the bbq meatballs, cheeses, veggies and fruits dept.
My sis made these individual layered dips  that were amazing!

Kendra  made these darling deviled egg boats
and Amy these Little boats of basil, mozzarella, tomato and balsamic drizzle with basil from her garden, that was out of this world.

Janelle made these pretty cucumber bits and Amy these pinwheels.  Which I need to get the recipe for. They had sun dried tomatoes on them and were so yummy!

Once things started rolling I didn't get as many photos .but here are a few that I did  snap before and after.  Luckily I had asked Keith (bil) if he would stop by and snap some :)
I was so glad Julie was able to make it.  I love these two smiling faces so much!

I'm bummed I didn't get a picture of just Neely and my sis together, but you know how it is, they were both busy visiting with everyone.  I know there were photos taken after the shower, so I'm hoping there is one in there.

This photo cracks me up.  SO perfectly sums them all up!  Neely and her besties. 
Oh... I love this bunch of crazy girls so much!

With all the negative things  going on in the world lately, I'll tell you what ... seeing all this joy, is good for the soul.  I'm so happy for Neely and Alan.   And  I cant even explain how my heart feels when I see my sister and Keiths face light up when they talk about being grandparents!!  It's times like these when I know my parents are just smiling up in heaven.

Thankful for these days


Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Love make the world go round" Fancy Pants Designs layout

Hello Friends!
I'm getting excited because Saturday is Neely's baby shower. I cant wait to see her! My sis, three of Neelys long time friends (who are like family to us), and I are doing the shower together.... and it's been so fun planning it.  I'll be excited to share photos here after the weekend. 

Like I said, it's been showers and weddings galore around here :)    Last weekend my Dear friend Julies daughter Michelle got married. They flew back from New York and got married on the lake where Julie and her husband live, where Michelle grew up.  It was such a beautiful wedding.   My friend Becky Novacek was the photographer. If you'd like to see the photos on her site you can see them here.  Becky Novacek Photography

While I'm talking weddings...... here is a layout I did with a photo of my Nephew Ryan and his new beautiful wife Erin on their wedding day. This is the wedding we attended in Colorado earlier this Summer.  What an amazing couple.    I used the Office Suite Collection from Fancy Pants Designs.   If you'd like to see detail shots and see how I did the printing on the letters, you can see my post on the Fancy Pants Blog here.

NEW Collections from Fancy Pants

I have been designing with Fancy Pants since their very first line ... 10 plus years ago , and I have to say they just keep out doing themselves.  If you haven't see the newest collections just being released   Happy Place and Wish Season  
you have to pop over and check them out.  I can not wait to get my hands on them!


It has been SO nice here for the last week or so.  I've had the air conditioner off and the windows open. I love that!  It's Nebraska though, so that doesn't mean it's going to stay that way.  It's guaranteed to change. lol   Just enjoying it as we can.   I love being able to be outside and enjoy sitting on the porch.  Dan's working on expanding the deck out back, so we cant really sit out there right now.  My plants are loving this weather also. My little sprig if a potato vine that I planted in my vintage mailbox has grown so much.  I dread when the first frost comes .... just as they are looking so nice.  That song comes to mind.... "It's hard to say goodbye to the Summer" lol

Speaking of my friend Julie. ( who's daughter just go married). She stopped out on Monday so return some things they had borrowed for the wedding and visit. It was the first time she  had met Lily.  She comes brings toys and treats for both dogs.   Imagine me... having a "dog loving"  friend. lol.   The funny thing is, when I first met Julie many years ago, she didn't have a dog, and to tell you the truth, I couldn't even imagine her with one.   She got a dog since then and I just have to laugh, because... she is about like me about dogs now. lol  Total dog lover!!   Their little Ellie is so special to her entire family! 

Yesterday was National Dog Day!
At my house , that's everyday. lol
I was thinking today, ... hmmm.... I should quit posting so many dog photos and talking about my dogs so much. Then I thought...... no.. .it's who I am and any way, anyone who didn't like  dogs has probably quit following my blog a long time ago. lol

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!!


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"This Little Pup" Card

Hi Everyone! Sorry I've been away from here the past week or so , but it's been a busy time.  I'll explain more below.  First I thought I'd show you a card I created today.  Actually I created two different cards with these stamps.  One card to send to our Vet , Dr Grassmeyer and his staff at the Pet Hospital in Fremont  for being so kind and understanding with us while helping us with Molly. They knew it was such a hard time for us and they went out of their way to make things as easy as possible for all of us, and for her.  They knew how important she was to us and that she was part of our family and they treated her as such.  That meant so much to us.

The other card is to thank the staff at the shelter in Columbus.   It's so good to know that there are so many good people in the world that care about animals. And go out of their way to make sure they are cared for while hoping to find forever homes for them.   MANY that volunteer their time for these animals.

After Molly, we were so sad and missed her so much, but really hadn't been thinking it would be so hard on Daisy.  Daisy is quiet a bit younger than Molly was, and Molly was keeping to herself more as she wasn't feeling well. We found out quickly, that Daisy really missed Molly. She was so withdrawn. Not her active, playful self at all.  We have always had two dogs, but wanted to take some time to start watching the rescues for a puppy ... and we weren't in a rush.
Sometimes  things have a funny way of just falling into place on their own. Maybe not at all... the way you had planned.... but they work out non the less.

I happen to look at a rescue website for a rescue in Columbus ( about 40 min from us).   Long story short.... I see the story below.  Keep in mind we had gotten our dogs as puppies so that's what we had in mind. We usually have big dogs ... and certainly never one this small.   But I read this and my heart just broke.  Wes happened to be here for dinner, so I called Dan and Wes   to the computer read it.  To my surprise , they bother said "you need to go get her tomorrow".    What?  

We all just felt we needed to give her a good home. I went the next day.  Collar and  walk chain in hand.

The dogs being compatible  and being able to get along was  our only stipulation, and of course they ( the rescue) want  that also, so it was a trial run.   We prayed it would work out.

It did.

We welcomed "Lily" to the family.   ( new start, new happy life, new name)

And if I thought for one minute "I" was attached to her.  OH BOY!    Dan is smitten.  She is getting babied. 
We are making up for all the love and attention she has missed out on.

Everyday, they get a little more comfortable with each other.   We in the process of expanding the deck, so things are out of sorts in the backyard, but Lily still loves having a fenced in place to run.  Oh.. and they both  always find a  warm sunny spot to lay.

She  is a nervous Nelly for sure.  We have to be patient with her and give her time.  She's been thru so much.
So .. like I said, not in the plans, but it worked out  for all of us.  We love her, and I think she kind of likes us too :)

I've always had this photo of Molly on the sidebar of  my blog.
Please always consider a giving a shelter pet a  home before purchasing from a breeder. There are so many that need homes.
If you would like to use the photo of Molly below on your blog side bar, share it on facebook, instagram or anywhere else, Please feel welcome to.   Molly would want to do whatever she could to help raise awareness for shelter pets.

                                                            In Memory of our sweetest girl Molly.

Thank you!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"Live Simply" 12x12 canvas for Fancy Pants

Hey Everyone!   I'm still here :)  That week just seemed to slip away from me.  We( using the "we" loosely") lol, have been busy working on expanding out back deck, and you know how that goes, when one thing is tore up it seems like chaos  everywhere.  At least around here it does.  Tools on my kitchen counter never settles well with me.  But..... biting my tongue because I'm happy to see the progress being made. With the crazy hours Dan works it's hard for him to find time for projects like this, that he used to do so much more of before having to go to overnight hours.

Anyway.... today I thought I'd share a canvas I recently had up on the Fancy Pants Designs Blog.  It's a 12x12 Canvas I created using two different Fancy Pants Collections. Office Suite and Flutter.
You can read more of the details here on the Fancy Pants Designs Blog, if you are interested :)

Okay, so a  couple of posts back I posted a photo of Wyatt sitting on the couch and you could see part of my gallery wall but not all of it. I had a couple of people contact me asking me to share the entire wall... so here it is. My sis gave me that big mirror in the middle for an early birthday present because I saw it and loved it SO much.  So I decided it was a good time to change up the entire wall.
I used to really think and re think everything I hung on my walls. Not anymore. Now I just hang what "I" like and don't worry if  it's how others think it should be.  Decorate your home the way YOU Like it. YOU are the one who lives there right?  If it's comfortable and feels like home to you and your family.. that's  all that matters.
I LOVE going into other peoples home and seeing how it reflects THEIR personality.

Hey... and if your an outdoor person or you have other interests that are more important to you, and decorating your house inst your thing ... that's fine too. Invest your time in what you love doing.
I decorate because I like to... not because I feel like I have too.

Tuesday Mornings have the best pillows!
I have to admit the paper mache dear head was making me a little unsure at first. It was really different for me to have something so dimensional sticking out from the wall.  But once it was painted that subtle grey, I really liked it.
Where that oval frame is was a mirror. I didn't want another mirror there but I needed something. I had just picked that frame up for $1 at a garage sale and it fit in the space. I wanted to pull some of the aqua color into that area, so I found a piece of scrapbook paper that I had been coveting because I loved it so much. It was a brown, aqua and  gold flower print.   I put it in the frame and hung it.  Now I can enjoy that paper every day. lol  

Did I mention that my sis finds the best deals also??  She found me the base of that lamp(below) for $11. What?

Thought I'd share my other new little lamp, that she and I found at the "At Home" store.   I love that place!
The table, mirror, deer and locker basket are all flea market or thrift store finds.

Last week Wyatt and Emmett were here for a couple of afternoons and it was SO good for Daisy. We really weren't expecting her to miss Molly as much as she has been , simply because since Molly's heath had been bad, she had been keeping to herself quite a bit. Poor Daisy has seemed lost lately.  It was so good to have the boys here to play with her. She loves them.
Dan wanted me to go with him to look at patio doors at Menards on his day off, which happened to be one of the days the boys were going to be here, so we all went.  While we were there the boys and I found a bird house for the tree in the side yard.
We have been cramming in as much of Summer as we can. I'm not ready to give it up!  We have been really enjoying all the yummies from Wes's garden.   I used to love gardening, but I've decided I like the fresh veggies even more when they are delivered to my kitchen counter, and I don't have to do the work. lol
We have had  BLT's a number of times this Summer.  Yum!

Time to go make the most of the day.  I got up early today, it was a beautiful morning.  I should stop being such a night owl, mornings are nice. lol

Thanks for taking time to stop by.


Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Getting Happy with a card Trio

Hello my sweet friends! Here we are mid week into the first week of August already. What?  Like every other Summer, I think... this Summer will just be relaxing.. we are going to just take it easy.  Ha! Never seems happens.  This Summer has been no different. It seems like we are constantly busy with something. I dont mind being busy when it's fun things...but it all hasnt been fun.  Thankful for the fun things we did have this Summer.  And I'll still take Summer over Winter anytime.  
We have had different people here giving us estimates on windows. ugh.... dread.  The first guy was here for 3 hours!  Before the next day came and the other other guy was set to arrive, I told Dan.... "Time Limits"!  I'm not giving up three hours of the day again.   Sitting listening to something like that is painful to me.  I know it has to be done... but painful I tell you.  Glad that's over. lol 
I've been sharing projects I created with my Little Blue Bundle from The Little Blue House this month.  I've sharing a couple of these cards, but thought I'd share them all together now, when I share the last one.  That way you can see more of an example of all the happy colors and patterns.
You can find the kit here.     Little Blue Bundle

Last week was hard, after loosing Miss Molly. We were all feeling down.  We were going to watch Wyatt and Emmet for a few hours Friday night , but I asked Gabby if they could just spend the night.  It was a great distraction for Dan and I both. We watched movies, and had pizza.  These two are pretty entertaining :)

Poor Daisy has been pretty sad without Molly also, so she enjoyed extra pets and attention..

Saturday this bunch of crazy fun ladies got together to talk baby shower plans.  I guess I haven't  really announced it here on my blog because I was waiting for her to announce it publicly..but my niece Neely is expecting in October!!!!   I could NOT be MORE EXCITED!!!!   And well my sis (Jan) .. she is just a little excited also (Jan in the center below).   It will be her and Keith's first grandchild!

Is this crazy or what?  This is what the sky looked like above our house the other night after it had been stormy.  It was an artists dream!  SO gorgeous!    I have never seen anything like it.   I didn't use any filters or any thing on this photo... this is just how it looked.  A*M*A*Z*I*N*G

I hope you are finding time to ENJOY your Summer!    Yesterday we had BLT's with garden tomatoes , and they were SOOOO yummy!  Now that's Summertime!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Little round album in a tin .... "Little Blue Bundle"

Hey friends.  I still have a couple of projects I've made with my "Little Blue Bundle" from The Little Blue House to share.  This little round mini in a tin is one of them. The tin is in the bundle.  You can see everything that comes in this fun bundle here LITTLE BLUE BUNDLE  Years ago I made these little albums in ribbon spools, this is done that same way. I'll show you in the steps below.

After picking out the photos I wanted to use for this. I pulled them up on my computer to size them, all the same size to fit in my album.  I used my round punch that I planned to use, for a good judge.

I printed them all out on one sheet. I did  enough photo so that I could add them on the front and the back of the pull out.
You can see in the photo below, how I punched out the photos and added them.  You can mix it up with punched papers also, so you have places for journaling. Or like I did... for adding chipboard letters.

The base piece you put in the bottom, that you adhere the ribbon strip under, should be cut just a bit larger than the punch, so it covers all of the bottom.

Here you can see the front of mine as it's pulled out.

And here is the back side.

At this point you can just fold it all back in , and tie it up with a ribbon.  I adhered the ribbon to the back of the tin.    Super fun to make and it's a sweet little keepsake.



Yesterday was a hard day for out family. We had to say goodbye to our Molly. I cant even look at this picture of her without tears so I'm going to leave it at that. Thank you all for the sweet messages, emails , calls ect.  and most of all for just understanding how important our Dogs are to us. They are our family.


Monday, July 27, 2015

"Live Simply" 11x14 Canvas for The Little Blue House

Hey Everyone!  Hoping you had a nice weekend.  Well, you know I love me these flower canvases. Here's a slightly different spin on one. This is one I did with my "Little Blue Bundle"  from The Little Blue House.   What is a "Little Blue Bundle" you ask? lol  Well. you can see it here
Basically what it is , is that the creative girls at The Little Blue House have put together super cute bunch if papers and other goodies that go together beautifully, into .......... wait for it..... "a bundle". lol for $14.95
This one happens to have the Chickainddy "Yippee" paper collection in it.
Anyway, I was lucky enough to have it as my kit to work with this month, so when you click here to see the kit, you will also see my creations made with it :)
Thanks Tracy and Kristyn at LBH.. you made me a happy girl again this month. Great choices!

I thought I'd show you quickly, how I created the background for my canvas. ( canvas not include in the kit btw)  
1.  Paint with acrylic paint on plain canvas
2. While paint is still wet, wipe with dry paper towel just a bit ( I wipe it both horizontally and vertically, just for the effect)
3. Sprinkle drops of water
4.  Leave water drops set about two minutes and then lay a paper towel on top of entire canvas, running your hands over the entire thing, to pick up water spots.

Super easy

from there... just cut and add the flower pieces, leaves, chipboard letters, buttons (or any other extra embellishments you want)
I used this wire for my stems, but of course you could just use black sharpie.

I have made many variations of these flower canvases... but I don't seem to tire of them.  Fun to make, and you can always change them up a little, so each one is different from the others.


Really the only reason I'm up doing a blog post at 1:30am in the morning is because I cant sleep. It's been a sad couple of days around our house.   As you may have seen me mention here before, our dog Molly has not been doing well, and we knew we would have to make a decision soon, as we don't want her suffering.
The last day or so she has lost control of her bladder.   She's tired , worn out , and has.. for quite some time had a hard time getting around. She eats well, and is not in terrible  pain ( it doesn't seem).   Our Vet is out until Wed. We have made an appointment for first thing Wed morning. Wes has stayed here the last couple of days to spend time with her and Jarad is coming out tomorrow to say his goodbyes.   I am keeping this brief and as you can see... I didn't even post a photo of her right now, because I promised myself more crying tonight! I'm tired and cried out.   Any of you who know me and my entire family  ... know  the dogs are a huge part of it.   This is so hard for all of us.  If you would... pray for peace for molly and for us.. the next few days. Thank you