Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bloggity do da day!

The photo I'm posting has absolutly nothing to do with my day today, but.... my day was pretty uneventful, so there was nothing much to take pictures of. So I decided to dig into the photo archives and just pick one of my favorites to share. This is Austin (Greg and Trinnas youngest), when they were back for a visit last forth of July. He was just having a ball , once he decided it was okay to get the band aid on his toe wet. LOL I love this picture of him, and how the water is splashing up. We hope they can come for a visit again soon!

Like I said , today was pretty uneventful. I worked with Becky this morning, came home and worked on things at home this afternoon ,and then had to run to the airport to pick Dan up tonight. ( I went into Omaha early to have time to make a stop at Michaels first though, never know what sales I might find) ... Thats me ... always think'n! LOL

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