Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Well I'm sure you have all heard me do my share of talking about "Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage", over the last couple of years. It all started with a email I sent to Sandy Redburn the owner, telling her how much I LOVE their products, and showing her some samples of things I had done with them.... now I feel like one of the Crafty Secrets Family. LOL Although I have made an number of trips to Canada to work with these girls, we certainly do our share of communicating on the phone and by internet. Today I'm feeling pretty darn excited about the new things "Crafty Secrets", has up it's sleeve to be released at CHA. (For those of you who arent Scrapbookers , CHA is the "Craft and Hobby Assoc" big Trade show.)
These girls just blew me away with their creativity today!!!! Cant show you the new stuff yet, but if you want to check out the website , here it is

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