Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fresh air

Ahhhh.... fresh air! We finally had a sunny day! I have been waiting and waiting for the chance to get out and work in my flowers. For some reason, I've had a creative block and havent created much, as far as scrapbooking.( yikes , that better change). Paula is comming over tomorrow...she always gets me thinking! LOL Anyway, I loved being outside today....just digging in the dirt! Now , if there was just NO such thing as Snakes! I HATE THEM!
I watch for them, and I'm aware that they're out there, and still ,when I see one.......I SCREAM like a little school girl! The just creep me out! Yuck!

The yard should do much better this year with the sprinkler system in, and I'll be glad not to be dragging hoses around all summer.

I had to laugh because I've been so thrilled with this little bitty start of my favorite "lilly of the valley" ,that I got from a friend. Well, I should have looked around a bit more, because when I went for my walk, I looked in the ditch right in front of the house, and guess what it's FULL of ???? You guessed it , Lilly of the Valley!!!!! OH Brother!


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Pattyjo said...

Oh snakes...no thanks, I would never go out and garden if we had snakes! I have only seen one in the 35 yrs. we have lived here and it was a tiny baby garden snake. It freaked me for the rest of the summer. Your garden is beautiful! The bright pink flower is so pretty that it almost looks like it isn't real.