Sunday, May 07, 2006

Graduation Day!

Well, I now have a college graduate! Yesterday was Weston's college graduation from Wayne state. It was such a nice day. Sightly overcast, but not to cold. It was so nice that mom and Jan came also. I know that meant alot to Wes. It seems pretty amzing to me , that 5 years pasted that quickly! Seems like it was just , not that long ago that we were dropping him off to move into the dorms. He is planning on staying in Wayne this summer and keeping his campus security job, so he can have the summer to just chill ,and decided what comes next. I don't blame him, he has been so stressed. He has had a full load , between work , school, and his band stuff. I'm so proud of him! WAY TO GO WESTON!

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Pattyjo said...

Thats a wonderful thing to get through college and graduate! He will be able to live such a better life because he went!