Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Now that's a BIG DOG!!!!

When we first got Aly, I thought she would end up being much smaller than she is , then Molly cam e along ,and that's a whole other story! ( you would have thought I'd learned my lesson with that!) Well today, My friend Gabby came by to show me their new dog, " Nadio". All I can say is THIS IS A BIG DOG!!!!!!
They got Nadio from a rescue program. No worries for this big guy now that he has a new mom and dad....He's liv'n the good life. Riding around with his head out the window with his ma ma! LOL Nadio does have some issues with drooling and with separation anxiety. ( it seems the two go hand in hand) . When he's left alone, and stresses out, the drooling intensifies. (Yikes, I'm not thinking this is something I would want to come home to.) Gabby tells me that the vet has now put Nadio on anti depressants to help with this. Yep , you heard me right. anti depressants.

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