Saturday, May 13, 2006

Stop and Smell the Roses

Stop and Smell the Roses? (yep, thats the plan)

This is a photo my friend Cat took of me a while back. The wrinkles I am starting to see on my face , are a good reminder for me, to Slow down, and take time to smell the roses. Life speeds by , pretty darn fast! I made the decision today to give up the days I work with Becky. I have just been burning my candle at both ends lately...and It's burning me out! LOL So ... as my mom and sister have been telling me... I'm going to try to take more time to "stop and smell the roses". I'm going to actually try to get to bed by midnight, instead of 2 am.(oops it's 12:25 now). And I'm really going set limits on the time I'm working in my room. Some days I in here TOO much! LOL
Anyway, summer is comming, and I'm looking forward to it! ( so my mission is to take a little more time and enjoy it)!

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