Sunday, May 28, 2006

Wedding Pictures

( if you click on these you should be able to see them bigger)
Well, it was a beautiful wedding! Amy was a gorgeous bride! It was a pretty warm day, so we were thankful the airconditioning was working really well at the church and at the reception, and dance.

The wedding ceremony was so nice. They did this part of the ceremony with these tall glass cylinders of different colored sand. Amy had one, John had one and Hunter had one. The minister talked about the blending of their lives and what being a family was all about. The minister had a bit of sand also , to represent the lord in their lives. They were to each add the sands together to one big glass container, symbolizing how their lives would now blend together as a family. The mister put put his in a then left them up there to do theirs, ( while rascal Flatts was playing in the background).. Oh, I was having a hard time , holding it together on that one!!!! WHHAAA!
They had Hunter between them, and they were both talking to him, and had their hands on his back. It was just sweet!

The dinner and reception were really nice. Good food. Chicken or beef tips in gravey. Seasoned mashed potatoes, corn, buns, salad, ect.

Brent, Diana and Nathaniel all look SO NICE. They were all dressed, so spiffy, in maching colors. (wish I would have gotten Diana in this picture!)

The little flower girls were DARLING! Oh, and were they ever GLAMOUR Queens! LOVED having their picture taken. They had a ball at the dance, doing the Macarina! ( So did Nathaniel)

They had a special dance just for Amy and Hunter,and it was just the sweetest thing ever! He is growing up so fast!

John is a really nice guy ,and his family sure seems to be , as well. I think he and Amy(and Hunter), will be very happy together!
It was great to have Aunt Viv, Carl, Deb, Casey, LJ, Paul and Sherry all here for the wedding. LJ was Johns Best Man. I will show you more pic of the 5 attendants and flower girl and jr. flower girl later. I took those with my other camera,and need to get them developed. Neely was one of Amy's attendants,and she was so pretty!

Well, these were just some snips of the night, like I said, the others are on the other camera. A good time was had by all. As always, we always miss the far away family that couldn't be there. We love you guys!

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