Friday, June 23, 2006

And I'm off....almost

Decided I would blog one last time while I was finsihing up packing and lining things up to go. I just have to share some things with you . ... First of all, I didnt realize that this weekend is the weekend of the BIG 150th Birthday of North Bend!!! It's a pretty darn big deal around here , I can tell you that. We arent originally from here as most of you know and still dont live in town, but on an acreage outside of town, so we're alittle out of the loop! LOL We live on a gravel road ,but when you get into town in this road is then paved. All I can say , is you know you live in a small town when they close the street to set up the carnival! LOL I LOVE IT!

So I googled it just to see what would come up , and what do you know, NB has it's own website. How cute is this! LOL Small town life

Ok , so right in the middle of righting this , I realized I had forgotten that I needed to take some pictures for this little "Texture" project, before I leave, and I wouldnt have time tonight so I had to go now, for morning light. I left the computer on, crabbed my camera, and OH MY GOSH.... I just had a ball!!! I am so far behing now, I cant believe it , but I dont even care, because that was so much fun! I was just taking pictures of chipped paint, fences, concrete, you name it. I was just lost in it! I stopped by the old cemetary on the gavel road just out of town because I wanted a picture of this old fence. There was on old guy mowing with a tractor. As I was taking pictures I could hear the tactor getting closer and closer, and I thought, Oh great, he's probably going to come over and give me the "What are you doing here?" routine. He did come over and stop the tractor,but he said, "I just gotta know what the significance is of that tree your taking pictures of?" LOL Well, I told him it was the fence that I was interested in at the moment ,and then proceded to try to explain what I was doing , you know , the whole "Texture thing". I bet I talked to this old guy for 40 minutes all about the history of the town. What the oldest building in town is, where the masonary factory used to be, how the leaves of milk weeds used to be used for floatation devices in WW2, you name it, we talked about it! It was SO COOL! He was so friendly and so full of interesting facts, I could have talked (listened) to him all day. It was kind of funny though, because after he talked to me about all this stuff, he said, "now , tell me again, what you mean by TEXTURE?" LOL

So I dont forget , yesterday I meant to post a couple of blogs you should definatly check out if you have time. The first one is Becky's ( her picture of us yesterday, is better) LOL
She always has an amazing blog!

And the other one that I'm so excited to tell you all about it by Nathalie Kalbach, she is a very talented scrapper that lives in Germany, and has started this incredably cool site , (Scrapbooking - Trends und Techniken), all about Scrapbooking. She does a great job of haveing lots of step by steps on different techniques and, it's just filled with information. Alot of it is in German of course, but she does interviews and other things that are in English also. I have a secret, but if you check her site in the next few days , you'll see what it is!!LOL
Otherwise I'll tell you more about it when I get home!

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Nat said...

Ohhh Vicki, I just can't stop laughing about this friendly old guy asking you "Tell me again, what is Texture" this is soooo funny! - Secret is going to be released the latest on Sunday ;-)