Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I think it's SUMMER!

I can tell you one thing... It was "warm" out today! I had to run into Omaha to pick up some things, and run a couple of errons. Well for some reason my airconditioner is acting up. (You can guess where this is going). So first they are resurfacing Industrial by "Sam's" Club (where I was headed), so I wait in traffic...inching and inching along. Then later I'm on Center street(where 3/4 of my errons are) to find out for some reason tons of traffic lights arent working at intersecions from 90th to 114th. Traffic was not moving! I was hungry , thirsty and HOT!( Getting Crabby now!) Oh, and did I mention that I was just at Sam's and had gotten all the hamburger to make patties for our big family get together on the 4th? Getting alittle concerned that it's now about 120 degrees in the car. AHHHH! Anyway, finally I see light at the end of the tunnel.... A SONIC!!!! A diet Cherry Lime Aide is all that can save this day!!!! A buck 80 later, I'm hit'n the open road for home , air con, on high....life is good!

I am telling you this... if you have never had a Diet cherry limeaide ,then you should run, (not walk) to your nearest Sonic right now, and partake of this refreshing drink! LOL
Gezzzz. could somebody get me a gig doing Sonic comercials? LOL

I'm feeling chatty today, so I have some other things I wanted to tell you about . First of all, I wanted to say thanks to the girls that have been stopping by from Scrap Muse and Commenting. I started this blog as just a way to keep in touch with family ,and to share pictures with them, I never have anything too exciting to say, and I really dont usually like to write that much , so I didnt really intend to share it beyond that. But you girls share your blogs and so much of yourselves and your lives with me, you ARE like fam to me. So thanks for comming around and for the comments you leave, I love reading them! Some of the stuff you'll see here and the stuff you see over at the Muse may be the same... one seems to run into the other! LOL

Here is the link to the June Scrap Muse News Letter if anyone is interested

The layout of mom that I posted earlier , and the one of my porch are in there, and an article I did on using different kinds of flowers on your layouts. ( giv'n the fam the info) LOL

Also wanted to show you guys this
They had sent me the coolest box of goodies to work with ,and I sent them an email thanking them. I told them that I alread had some their stamps and how much I loved them . The contacted me , and asked if they could use a quote on their website.

Ok, that's all the excitment for today gang. I have a big mess out all over my room right now involving lots of BLACK paint... tell you more later! LOL

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Nat said...

Ahhh - Vicki! Thanks so much for sharing...hey...and if we take to much over...just start a secret blog ;-)