Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sunshine and Summertime

Today was a "girlfriend" day! I had so much fun today! Got in the car this morning to run a few errons first, but then to Becky's for lunch! I have really missing chatting with her! It was a absolutely gorgeous day , sitting out on her deck by the pool chatting and eating a yummy veggie sandwich. It was so fun to sit and look at some of the projects we've each been working on since we were together last. That girl does beautiful work ,and her photography is just AMAZING! I could have sat and chatted all day! The time went way to fast!

When Bec and I first met , we just chicked! We laugh now ,and talk about how we barely new eachother , when we took off for a CK convention in KC one weekend! We talked so much , that trip just flew by! Funny how with some people you just find that connection right away, and know your going to be good friends!

I am sure if it werent for Becky's encouragement I probably would have never persuded even sending any of my work in for publication. She still reminds me of the time I said, "if I could just get ONE thing published, I wouldnt care if I ever get another one... I'd just be happy with that!".... Yeah right!

After I left Becky's I had some things I needed to drop off at Debs. I needed to keep moving , because I still had lots to do today, with only one day left before I leave...........BUT.... Debs house is so warm and inviting, everytime I stop there , it's hard for me to get going again! This girl has such a way with decorating! Everything is just set up in such a creative way. And trust me , you never get bored,because this girl moves things around Constantly! LOL I need her to come re-vamp my house!

It was time for me to make my run to Walmart and then head to out to Paula's on the way home...but lucky for me, Deb had made me a CD with some great tunes on it, so I had the radio Cranked! The first song was "Sunshine and Summertime", and it was just so symbolic of the kind of day I was having. I was loving it!

Thanks Deb , I LOVE that CD!!!!

I took a picture of Paula and I , but it didnt turn out! (darn) That happens sometimes when you're trying to hold the camera out and take it of yourselves! LOL

Anyway, I'm so excited because Paula submitted the Art doll to Altered ARTs Magizine that she made the day she was over here, (same day I made mine). They are Very different from eachother, but both really funky. Anyway, I had submitted mine to them for the Art doll Call , and it got picked up. Now Paulas got picked up! So now they will be in the same issue together. How fun it that! This is the first thing Paula has submitted and it got published!!! Woo Hoo! You go girl!!!! I also got a chance to look at some of the Artist Trading Cards she's been working on ,and they are each just a total work of ART!

I enjoyed every minute of this day spend with my girls!!!!!!


deb said...

OH Vic, such nice comments @ my house! Thanks so much for being my friend, just in case I haven't told you lately, you mean the world to me girl.:)

Nat said...

What wonderful friends you have!!! Sounds like you had a perfect day yesterday!