Saturday, June 17, 2006

Taking a walk with my camera

The sun came out this afternoon and it was just beautiful with the sun shining on all the lilies that are blooming out in the trees right now. Decided to grab my camera and just take a walk up the road a ways.
It's amazing when you just slow down and look, all the really cool things you see. I kind of had to laugh a couple of times when I was zoomed in taking pictures of my found beauty,(the weeds), and the farmers go by, in their big farm equipment, and look at me , like.. "What the heck is she taking pictures of ????" They always just smile at me and wave with the standard, one finger wave, that small town folks give everyone,(whether they know them or not). But I'm sure they drive away thinking . Coo Coo!!!

I've never lived in the country before, so I really enjoy all the nature out here. There are a few things I have learned since moving here... yep , you guessed it , I'm gonna share! ( boy my blog is just a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge huh?) LOL

Things I've learned about living in the country

See that wild rose picture up there. Well, you don't have to go to Earl May and spend a fortune on those, to plant around your house like I did, when we first moved here... Because THE DITCH IS FULL OF THEM!

If your dogs run through poison ivy, and you hug them ... YOU WILL get poison ivy!

You know you live in the country if the antenna for you high speed internet, is on the grain tower in town.

Dogs and skunks don't mix!

If you live on a gravel road, you never have to wash your car again, because if you do, the next day, it wont look like you did any way.

Snakes are stupid, no matter how much you scream when you see them, they keep coming around!

And last but not least... Toad poop it MUCH bigger than you would ever think!!!!
Oh yeah, one other thing, I didnt ever know milk weed plants boom, but looks like they do, huh?


Nat&Jim said...

You really really make me scrared of poison ivy now. We don't have poison ivy in Germany. Jim's mother had this problem and that was the first time I heard about it and then from Kay and now you ....yikes...I gotta check out how this stuff looks like.

Love the pictures Vicki!!

Deb said...

Toad poop huh? Interesting.... AwwwwwwwSnakes are your fav Vic aren't they?!LOL!!!:)

Vicki said...

Thank you Vicki, for sharing your fathers day lo and for your view of country living!! LOL!! So sounds like my observations of life!! Love the FAB photos!! Hugs to you my dear friend!!

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