Tuesday, June 13, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things.....

Fun , Friends, Food, shopping, ...yep, this day had alittle bit of it all! Today Deb and I went to Lincoln ,and had an amazing brunch at Jan's(sister) house. Jan's house is like a page out of "House Beautiful" anyway, but that girl sets the most gorgeous table. It was so FUN to spend the afternoon with the girls.

We hit 3 different scrapbook stores a fabric store and cool gallery. As always the day just flew by way too fast. Deb and I hit Sonic for a diet cherry lime aid for the road. A perfect end to the perfect day! (If you havent heard me rave about diet cherry lime aids from Sonic yet.... OH MY GOSH!!! They are SO GOOD! You have to give them a try!)

Deb and I chatted and laughed so hard on the way home, I was drained!!!!.... I seriously fell asleep in the reclyner when I got home! LOL (I NEVER do that!) It was just a really nice day!

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