Monday, July 24, 2006

CHA Fancy Pants

Missed working with Jodi and Jarred in the FPD booth this time but stopped by to check it out a couple of times ,and took some pictures to share. I was so thrilled that Jodi used the layouts I got done before I left , for display in the booth.

Amy, the layouts of both your girl friends were used. And This one of your kiddo's Patti. The one of Ariell with the flowers was used in the catalog also. And Debs cute little grandson Carters picture too. Sorry, I see I have one of the pictures of the booth uploaded twice. (oops!). Fancy Pants and Crafty Secrets are very different product lines so naturally their booths are very individual also. Jodi and Sandy, both have such an idea for style! The booths looked beautiful.

These are some of the new BIG BIG chipboard, and they are AWESOME!!!! Great rub ons and ribbon to match each of the paper lines also.

I survived the dentist this afternoon pretty well. He was able to put my cap back on! Woo Hoo! and NO charge! (even better,huh?)
I guess I'm fairing pretty well, concidering all that has gone on since my day started around 5:30am this morning in Chicago. The cab driver I had for my $65 cab ride to the airport was a crazed maniac! Geeezzzz, I have never seen driving quite that AGRESSIVE! WOW!, lets just say , It was an "EYE OPENER"!
It blows me away the way crazy people in "the city" , roll down their windows and scream and yell at eachother... honking, and inching right up to the side of the next car. This small town girl glad to be home! I used to made fun of the fact that I was from Nebraska, and made "small town" jokes..... but ... I'm starting to think, IT'S ME!, it's where I wanna be! I'm liking it more and more all the time! There is something about it , that suites me FINE!




Nat said...

Ohh - all those yummie pictures! Thanks for the insight!!! Love your butterfly LO!
I had to smile about your discription of the taxi driver - hahaha!

Kay Rogers said...

I'm with you sister. I'm a small town girl myself. No worries, I embrace it! Hugs!