Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dinner at moms

I'm still in shock after seeing the kids today ,and how much they have all grown!!!! I can just never believe how much they grow in one's amazing. We were all at moms tonight for dinner. My sister Sharon ,her husband , and my nieces from Florida got here today. Also my nephew ,his wife and family from Minn. (photos are of him and his kids. Austin and Adriana)
I had to laugh today at one point , Adriana came running in the back door, and called out "Daddy".
When Greg answered, I just stood there for a minute... it's like it is just still so strange to me that is could be a "daddy"????? LOL He still seems like my little nephew , "Greg". It's seems to me that he should just be about her age. Time goes by SO FAST!!! I watch Greg and Trinna with their kids and Dawn and Gary with their girls and , I am just so proud of them!!! They are such fantastic parents! Way to go guys!

Austin was SO totally into fireworks! He didnt want them to come to an end, that's for sure. ( No need to worry folks, the one he's holding , doesnt go "BANG") LOL

Becca is becomming such a beautiful young lady. I will post some pics of her before the week is over, I just didnt want to have my camera clicking in her face the minute I saw her. LOL She showed me the scrapbook she is working on, and it's so cool! I'm so proud of her for doing it herself. Down the road , she is really going to be glad she did. She is doing a great job!

Can't wait for the rest of the family to get here too. They will be flighing in tomorrow.

I talked with Jan and Keith tonight ,and they are on their way back from Austin TX where they went to suprise the "TILLY'S", at one of their shows. Talk about Cool Parents! They drove all the way to TX to suprise them and take in the show. Sounded like they had a really great time!

Once again, I have to say, how thankful I am for this amazing family that I am lucky enough to be apart of!

I am looking forward to lots of family time this week! Yippee!

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