Monday, July 10, 2006

I get by with a little help from my friends!

I'm really going through one of those times right now, when I know I am getting so caught up in all the stuff I'm trying to get done, that I'm really neglecting my friends! Sorry guys! My friends have busy lives too, so they understand how it can get. I guess that's what "real" friends do, ... they just understand! I got the nicest email from Ruth today. Our scrapgroup hasn't gotten together for so long now, because it's been so hard to find a time that works for everyone. Hopefully we can work something out soon. I miss ya Ruth!
Bec and I did get together for lunch before I left for Canada, and that was fun. It's crazy because we only live 15 min from eachother, but I bet the next time I see her will be in Chicago at CHA! LOL
Definatly Having lunch with Deb one day this week.....cause it feels like it's been forever since I've seen her!
I do see Jan now and then... ( hey, she's my sister!) LOL
I'm dying to get to gether with Paula , she is my creative guru!! LOL
I miss time with my girlfriends! Pam , Daun , Liz and Julie have been on my mind so much!!!
I have some friends that I feel so lucky to have... I mean the kind of friends that you may not see for months, or even years, and when you do see them.... it's like NO time has passed at all, and everything is just the same. Your as close as you ever were!
And then there's my online friends. I would have never imagined I would feel such a close bond with people I have never met in person. It's just amazing!
I am just so blessed to have my girlfriends! Thanks for putting up with me!

Today I did my first layout with my new Fancy Pants Papers. The girl in the photo is Ariell, Paulas Granddaugher. Is she a doll or what?

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