Saturday, July 08, 2006

July already???

I spend Alot... actually probably ..way too much time in this room. This is where I do all my , work, creating, reading, chatting, typing, blogging, ect... so I though I would share.
Now when your'll know RIGHT where I'm at! LOL!

I got a great deal on this , a while back, at an antique store down town. I love it,'s the perfect place for my stamps. (lots of storage in the bottom also. And a pull out table top)

I got the magizine ,and paper racks at a scrapbook store sale, when it was going out of business. Help me with organization, so much! I only wish , I had more....but then , I'd need more ROOM!!!

It's amazing to me that it's already JULY!!! I can tell, ....because JULY is always busy. CHA will be here before I'm ready for it, I'm sure! ( for those of you who's lives don't revolve around scrapbooking, like some of us..(lol), CHA, is the "Big" Trade show in Chicago). I have these new "Fancy Pants" papers sitting here , that I'm dying to dig into! And I cant wait for the Crafty Secrets papers!!! I made myself finish up my ScrapMuse projects first, before digging into anything else. I still have one article to write and some supply lists and directions for another project.... but THE NEW PAPERS ARE CALLING ME!!!! LOL Would someone just give me permission???? LOL

I have to tell you , I was so thrilled to get an email to day from Becky (cousin). It just made my day. She said how much she enjoyed reading in my bog, about the family and seeing the pictures of Donna and Sharon (and their families). With them living in AZ and FL, they miss out on getting to see the cousins at reunions ect.. like the rest of us get to. One thing about Blogging, it really does have it's benifits. I love being able to share photos with my family , most of all. I fought the "blogging thing" for a long time, but after reading emails like that, I think it's definatly worth the bit of time, it takes.

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Linda F. said...

Love your room! although I love my little Scrap Nook (little being the operative word!), I'm always jealous when I see these great rooms. Hopefully, when DD moves out, I'll be able to figure out how to convert her room!