Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July Calendar is full !!! LOL

Why do I always do this to my desk planner???
We're not even half way into the month and I've already trashed my calender. I always end up doing this!!! I use it for doodling , inking(that color is .."Ranger" Fired Brick..my fave) , jotting notes, testing marker colors ,stamping, (cool "Magnetic Poetry",and "Sassafasslass"doodle stamps though, huh?) you name it... it's like a big drop cloth for my desk!( if you look really close you can probably see a dried on Ramen noodle leftover from lunch!) Not only is it hard to read , but I have to look at the messy thing ,for a whole month now! EVERY month, I tell myself not to do it again, and EVERY month I DO IT AGAIN! There, now you all know another one of my faults! LOL

1 comment:

Pattyjo said...

I could know all of your faults and it would'nt change a thing about how much I admire you! Not one thing!