Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More Pictures

Are these cuties or what??? I love these kiddos!!! The bigger picture is Nathaniel (sister donna's grandson) ,and then Lynsay and Mathew.. (brother Gary's grandkids)
On the boat... Becca, Kathy, Christine, and Ardiana, (Sister Sharons Grandkids)

My silly sisters Donna (here from Phoenix), and Sharon,(Florida). They actually think hidding behind a tree will stop me from taking thier picture! LOL

I wish I had managed to get my sister Jan in this picture! Darn!

I LOVE this picture of Austin just stitting by the water. He is just adorable!

The kids had so much fun fishing. When their werent enought fishing poles to go around , they started actually just using sticks,... and by the looks of things.... it worked!!!
I will tell you this much , this little ham, is NOT camera shy!!! All I had to do is say, "Mathew",and she would instandly look up , with a HUGE smile!!!

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