Thursday, July 13, 2006

A "Sticky" situation

I'm sure after reading this ,you will never take "glue" for granted again! I had to run into Omaha today for some supplies for assignments. One of the things I was needing to get was a glue called..."PAV"glue. It's wierd because the sites that talked about "PAV" glue never called it by any other name. All I really knew about it , was that is was a craft/hobby glue, so I was certain, I would have no problem finding it at either Hobby Lobby or Michaels. YEAH RIGHT!
What is it with me? I think I have a way of just making EVERYTHING too hard! LOL After spending 3/4 of my afternoon looking at every bottle, tube and jar in I don't know how many different stores , and talking to managers,(which had NO idea what I was talking about), I finally called my friend Deb ,and asked her if she would go online for me ,and she if she could find out any more about it. Well, being the dear friend that she is , she checks it out and calls me back with the info.... PAV, stands for "Polyvinyl acetates" , there are all different brands, it cleans up with soap and water, is white, ect.. Ok, now I have more to go on, so ... back to my mission. I look some more, and ask some more. It's now going on 5pm , I'm tired , hot , totally frustrated, and have tons I should be home working on, so..... I got my nerve up to call and bother Deb AGAIN!!!! LOL (she'll probably quit answering her phone after today!) I asked her AGAIN to go to her computer and see if she could google it , and find a store in Omaha that carried this stupid glue. So , once again my dear friend goes back down to her computer ,and starts checking for me. This time , We stay on the phone and keep talking while she is searching.
All of the sudden, she is kind of quite.... and then she says.... "you are not going to believe this!"
I said "WHAT???" She said.... " PAV GLUE is PLAIN WHITE GLUE .... LIKE ELMERS!!!!" YUP! you heard me ...Elmers! Please do not take your glue for granted! LOL


becky said...

i just had to sign up, so i could comment on this! i laughed out loud! you are the best!

Nat said...

This is sooo funny!!!!! You are such a cutie!

Pattyjo said...

I did'nt realize that and will pay closer attention in the future. Its funny how they have so many things so similar like that.