Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ahhh.... fresh air!

Oh, it feels so good to turn off the air conditioning and open up the house to get some fresh air in!!!
I love having the house open, but it's just been so hot!!! It seems like the air has been on endlessly!
It was so nice and cool this morning , the first thing I did was open the windows!
Had the girls her for lunch today , and that was really fun! It's amazing how fast the time goes by though! Before I knew it, everyone had to start heading for home. Glad for what time we did have though... it was great to sit an chat. Dont know why I forgot to break out my camera....boy , I'm slipping! LOL
I realized that tonight, when AGAIN, I did have a photo to post here. I figure my writing is pretty boring for the most part,... so I atleast like to give you something to look at! LOL
Well, I decided to dig back into the archieves a bit! I looked back in my files to see, if there was ANY layouts that I did A LONG time ago, that I still kind of liked, (or could atleast stand). I ran accross this one. Its really simple , but I love the photo. The photo is one I took of the road to our cabin , one fall. This layout was in a book that was put out by "Fairy Tale Creations" , a few years ago. The Vellum strip with the saying was one of their products. I dont even thing they are in business anymore. Hey, maybe that's what burned me out on vellum? LOL
Off to bed for me... lots I want to get done this week, so here's hoping for a productive one!!!


Nat said...

I love it- it is such a pretty LO!

Jami said...

I love that you are taking time to smell the roses, HAHA. I love this LO, the photos are gorgeous.

Pattyjo said...

That is Awesome! I love the circle pictures off to the side! Have I mentioned that you amaze me?!