Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another beautiful morning!

Beautiful Morning!
It was another beautiful morning this morning. So nice to be able to wake up ,and have the windows open, and have it be so nice and cool!
I started my morning routine and got my sun tea ready to set out on the deck for the day. As I was sitting it down on the deck railing I looked down to see the sunlight hitting my hydrangea bush, and it was just so pretty!
The summer has just gone by way to fast for me! I'm not ready to have to start thinking about cold, slushy, snow, sleet, YUCK! I do love fall, so atleast I have that to look forward to, but summer still just seemed to fly by!
I worked on a project with NEW FANCY PANTS DESIGNS papers today, but it got to late by the time I was done, and the light wasn't good for taking a photo, so I'll share it tomorrow. I LOVE those papers!
Tomorrow Jan(my sis) is taking mom to Omaha to have the procedure done on her other eye tomorrow. The first one when really well, so hopefully this one will be the same.
I will be busy at the dentist! (YUCK again). I DREAD the dentist! What a thing to have to deal with right away in the morning! I'm not a m0rning person anyway, and my appointment is at 9am. The first day of CHA I had a Cap fall off one of my bottom molars, so the day I got back , I was in and had it put back on. Less than a week later, the filling on the tooth right above it .. CHIPPED! It's not hurting or anything, but I am determined to be proactive about things like this! Aren't you proud of me? ( I wonder if it's too late to cancel???)

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