Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chop Chop!

Well, I had finally had enough of the HAIR, So I just DID IT!
I called Gabby ( my hair guru)... it was her day off, but she is also a good friend who lives just minutes from me. So she said ,"Come on over". Well, I've been wanting to stop over and see all the progress on the house. They have been Remodeling like crazy! It was so BEAUTIFUL! Gabby really has a great eye for color and design! I posted a coupled of pictures of the kitchen and dining room.

I saw BIG dogs and little dogs to day! "Nadio" is a big ole sweetie, and trust me , that dog is living the life!!! Then I stopped by Debs and "Cully" was being his cute little self, as usual!

I just about went to the , "other" , shorter cut, I had picked out, but Gabby talked me into starting with this first, so I didn't freak out, or somthing.LOL She said we can always go to the shorter style. ( and maybe I will , but for right now, I'll just get used to this). She cut off ALOT of hair! It was weird, but it feels SO much better!

( leave it to Gabby to even have a CUTE PINK BROOM) LOL

I was just amazed today when Gabby told me that this Sunday, her and Tracy will have their one year anniversary! Wow, where in the world did that year go? They are perfect together... I wish them MANY more!

I did really well with staying out of my room today. Spent time as Gab's , then stopped by Deb's for a minute, then over to visit with mom, before heading to Walmart.

Paula is coming over tomorrow , so I'm looking forward to that! She always spurs my creativity!

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Nat said...

Gorgeous haircut! You look fab!