Thursday, August 03, 2006

Class stuff

Decided I'd post the last of the class stuff, so you had something to look at , other than words. LOL This Altered Recipe book and these altered photo blocks are two more of the classes Jan
and I will teach in Albion.

Today, I just pretty much stayed around here and chilled. I had a horrible sleep night last night, so I was less than energetic today. It felt good just to be at home hanging out though.

I did get some good new though... Wes called and he GOT the job at "Ameritis" Insurance (doing security ect), in Wayne. It pays much better than the security job he's had on campus for the last 3 years, and has benifits. (thankful for that, now that he's out of school and not on ours now)
The sweet little faces on these altered blocks are my sister "Jan's" family. (Jan, Keith, Neely and Ryan.
Thanks to "Laras Crafts"
for the wood blocks for the class, and "Magnetic Poetry"
for the word stamps. ( I LOVE their stamps!)

Well, it was a little bit cooler today, so here's hoping tomorrow is also.
Have a Happy Friday Everyone!

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Nat said...

Love love love the recipe book and blocks!