Saturday, August 26, 2006

For the LOVE of Stamps!!!

I have come to the realization , that I LOVE STAMPS! I've been collecting stamps for years ,but there are just SO MANY really cool stamps out now, I just WANT them ALL!
I have a bunch of unmounted stamps,and I have the clear acrylic blocks for stamping with them, but the otherday when I was over at Paula's I saw that she had done something really cool with some of her unmounted stamps, and I just couldnt even believe I hadn't thought to do it.....because it totally makes sense! She had taken her unmounted stamps and just mounted them on simple wooden blocks. (which I have tons of!!) So last night, I got mine out and mounted them!. I even used wooden spools for some of my really tiny ones, and it worked perfectly! Thanks for the inspiration Paula! I just know that I will use those stamps alot more now, just because they are out were I can see them... and READY to use! YIPPEE!!!

I LOVE STAMPS!!! I love "Magnetic Poetry" stamps! They have SO MANY cool new stamp sets. The themed stamp set kits are my faves! They were kind enough to sponsor some of my upcomming classes, and sent these sets. They are definatly going to get some use , that's for sure!

Paper Salon and Technique Tuesday Stamps are now among my worst obsessions! WALK AWAY VIC!....just walk away! LOL

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Pattyjo said...

You wouldn't believe all the stamps I have collected. It is an addiction!