Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just like Christmas!

I love this Quilt! I wish some of these vintage fabrics were

scrapbook papers!!! Oh, how great

would that be? I'd be in heaven!

I really worry that things like quilting will become a dying art. I dont know how to
quilt... but wish I did! Maybe someday!
I have great admiration for those who do!

I had to wait until today so I could photgraph these , and post them. Yesterday I blogged about going to Paula and Rons, and what fun it was.... well, on top of being the best host and hostess ever, they are the most giving people ever! (Them and my sister JAN, of course!) LOL Anyway, Check out this altered art piece that Tracy did for me. She is a wiz in photoshop! YES... that is MY face!!! Now if my hair was only really that gorgeous and I was that skinny and beautiful!!! LOL Being a mermaid, and having a baby ,might be wierd, but hey, if sacrifices have to be made... well... LOL
Is that crazy cool , or what? I LOVE IT! Thanks so much Tracy!!!

As for the quilt... that is one of the quilts that Ron and Paula got at an auction. Some were finsihed and some unfinished, but Paula is a quilter, so she can work her magic on the unfinished ones. I have always been intruiqued by quilts, and the eclectic style and mix of patterns on this one really had me going. Well... I dont know how I rated, but it ended up comming home with me! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
I'm telling you it was just like Christmas!!! Now I'm a beautiful mermaid with a cool quilt! LOL

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Pattyjo said...

She did that on the computer? Wow!