Monday, August 21, 2006

New CS baby stuff

I've been working on some things with the new CS papers and baby girl stuff.
I used a wood block and wooden beads from Lara's Crafts to make the photo holder with the baby images on it. It was fun to make. I have some other similar ideas , I'm dying to try out, as far as the photo holders. It feels good to be doing some altering projects. After I do layouts for a while, I start urning to ALTER somthing! LOL

Well, I'm really feeling like a country girl these days...even gone back to hanging my clothes out on the clothesline! Well....because my dryer quite, and the part is ordered ,but wont be in until the end of the week. Actully I LOVE the smell of line dried clothes...but when I'm in a hurry, the convienience of just throwing them in the dryer is greatly missed! If it's true that things come in three's, I should be done!! PLEASE! First it was car trouble, then dental work, now the dryer! ENOUGH! LOL
I shouldnt complain, I'm thankful everyone is healthy!

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Pattyjo said...

Those are so amazing! I can't get enough of your work!