Friday, August 11, 2006

Rain.... finally!

I took these pictures the other day when I was coming down the road , about a mile from home. It has been SO HOT! Everywhere I looked irrigation was going in full force. I even felt sorry for the poor cows! Finally last night... RAIN! We need it so bad, I wont even complain about the fact that the lightening and thunder had Molly so freaked out, that she kept me up all night. I seriously have never seen a big dog that is such a chicken!

For those of you who wonder what wonder what life in Nebraska is like.... here you go! LOL Actually I cant wait to share some phots of Autumn in Nebraska with you....because it is really beautiful.
For now ...just thankful for the if it would just cool off , a little bit! I didnt leave the house today, because I got my share of it yesterday! LOL


Jami said...

I love rain, ok I know that sounds weird but there is nothing like a good rain, as long as it doesn't rain for days. I remember going thru NE every year on our way to Colorado, it was always dry and flat but beautiful. I think that is the first time I saw the sprinkler irrigation system for the fields. I just couldn't figure out how they make them that big and wanted to go play. Of course my dad would never stop. The photos are fabulous. Thank you for bring back childhood memories.

Pattyjo said...

I'm glad you got your rain. It makes everything so pretty and green. I am learning so much about Nebraska from your blog. It sound to good to be real.