Thursday, August 17, 2006

Some stuff

It's upload day at ScrapMuse, so my layout are ending up here too, I guess. It's a good place for family to get to see them. This first one is of my sweet little neice , Lynsay! I took this photo of her , just sitting on the swing on the fourth of July, being her sweet little self! What a doll! She has to keep up with three brothers... and trust me, she holds her own pretty darn well...but yet she is just so quiet and sweet. All girl

This is my friend Gabby and her little pup NADIO! LOL
Oh Nadio... what a big old Teddy Bear. He just lays aroud the house like a king! Gabby and Tracy dont have any babes yet, so trust me...when they do, I think Nadio will be in for a Rude awakening! LOL He thinks he's their BABY!

I've been working on odds and ends of things this week, just catching up. I was happy to get a layout requested from Scrapbook Trends today. It was one of Mom, and it's for a "Tribute" section in the December issue. If anyone deserves a tribute , it's my ma ma!!!LOL
By the way, she is doing really well after her eye procedure yesterday! She is one amazing woman!

I broke down and closed up the house to turn on the airconditioner again. I hated to ,because I love having the house open, but it was really humid today. It was so funny, I was sitting her at the computer a minute ago and noticed something on the window outside.(its almost midnight is it's definatly dark). There are always bugs, moths, ect that are attracted to the window because of the light in my room at night...but I noticed this out of the corner of my eye , because it was pretty big! I glanced over , and it was one of those cute little froggies, with the suction cup feet!
We used to see them alot when we first moved here, but I havent seen them for a few years. I was pretty impressed...because he had quite a climb ...considering , I'm on the second floor! I hope he was holding on tight! LOL (that's taking ...wanting a "midnight snack" to a whole new level!!!! LOL


Nat said...

You always amaze me with your Layouts!!!! Love them totally!

Pattyjo said...

How funny about the frog! Now the frogs here, don't fly so high. LOL
I love your layouts, very, very pretty!