Thursday, September 07, 2006

Creative Play Day

To day was kind of a "Creative Play Day" of sorts. Paula ended up coming over this afternoon, and we spent some time, chatting and Play'n with the Goods! I figured I deserved an afternoon off, since I worked in my room most of the weekend. We both altered a little something. She altered this little tin to make a necklace, and it turned out so CUTE! I posted a photo of it with the lid on, slightly opened , and then one of the two peices laid out separte. It's Gorgeous!

I altered this (three opening) switch plate. By the time I could take the photo, it was dark, so the photo isnt good,but you get the idea. There are words on the frame, like, family, my heritage, ect... The far left photo is my great grandma, the middle my grandma (with my grandpa), and the far right it my momma!
The charm hanging down in the middle is a star,(it's just turned in the photo)

Fun time , while she was here, but it always goes by too fast! ** hey, note Paula's drink of choice! LOL *** The good stuff!

Molly is some better to day, but still pretty laid back. ( that is abnormal for her).
I was still sore today, from my little spill in the kitchen, but getting better.
Off to bed for me.... loving these cool nights for sleeping! zzzzzzzzzzz


Nat said...

These tins a gorgeous!!!! Love em! Hugs!

Pattyjo said...

I can't believe that is a switch plate! Thats awesome!