Thursday, September 14, 2006

Enjoying the view

The house is a disaster,... plaster dust everywhere! So glad I took everything down, and put everything away that I could, in the back room. Hoping to protect what I could from it.
The house is looking horrible...but it has to be. Hopefully next week will be MUCH better!
No curtains anywhere right now, but no biggie because all the bedrooms are upstairs, and we live in the country , right?
I have to tell you , when I come downstairs in the morning to this, I remember why I love living in the country, and I really dont care about the mess in the house, because the view is so beautiful! ( atleast to me). and ALY! LOL ( she is standing guard watching for big bad squirrels!!! LOL

It's gonna be a bright sunshiny day!


Nat said...

Ah such a gorgeous view!!!

Pattyjo said...

There is no view like the country views!