Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fun Stuff!

I swear , I'm just like a little kid, when it comes to art supplies! Yesterday when I was at borders they had a bunch of new Paperchase stuff. I LOVE it! Check out these little tiny colored pencils in a CD case. TOO CUTE! These are some of the goodies I got. Markers , paint, colored Pencils and pens. They are all tiny! LOL Really , though, they are perfect for taking with me when I travel, because they serve the purpose without taking up much space. It just pretty amazing what can make me happy, isnt it? LOL

Sweet Sandy from
Crafty Secrets, is so thoughtful, she ordered me this Rosemary oil, that she read about how they are helpful for migrains. It says that it is known for it stimulation, warming and general tonic properties good for mental fatigue. Sore muscles, hair and skin. It also supposed to help with memory (boy do I need that....maybe I should shower in this stuff!) ,and also for migraines.
I'm giving it a try! Thanks for being so thoughtful Sandy!!!

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Pattyjo said...

They have such beautiful colors in the art supplies!
My son gets migranes and uses the juice from pickles to take. He says it really works. Just a little juice and it helps him.