Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Getting there

We're getting there, little by little. Now i just have to get things back on the walls and everything back where is belongs. The furniture came today, the painting is done and the carpets are cleaned!Whew!
I know these pictured are kind of dark, but the day was comming to an end quickly, so I had to snap a few just to post. I cant wait until things are back on the walls, but I dont want to just start pounding holes and hanging things, until I'm sure what I want back up and were I want it.

This color looks really yellow in these pictures ,but it's really more of a gold tone. The other walls in the living room , are call, "camel hair coat" (who thinks up these names anyway") LOL I dont have anything back on the walls in the kitchen yet, but everything looks and smells CLEAN,and that's good with me right now.


Nat said...

It looks gorgeous!!!

Pattyjo said...

Your home is so beautiful! It has such an inviting homey feeling. I love the pictures you share.