Friday, September 22, 2006

Here comes the weekend

Well it's 5am, and I cant sleep, so I figured I'd blog. I couldnt get online last night for some reason, but seems ok now. I've had a terrible week , as far as migraines go. I'm sure part of it is the changing of the Season. That always has effected my headaches. Yesterday and the day before were rough. I've been spending alot of time with my rice sock. For those of you who dont have one... I swear, I couldnt survive without mine. All you do is put about 3 cups of rice inside a sock,and tie it shut. But sure to tie it off, down a ways from the rice, giving the rice some space to move around. Not in a tie bunch. This just make it more comforatable , and easy to form around you, where ever you need to use it. For me ... my head. But it works great on your neck, back, knee, whatever. Then once it's tied shut, microwave it about 2 min. Everyones microwave is different, so until you know what is best for you, keep checking it. I like mine really warm, so i start out by wrapping a dishtowle around it, and then take it off , as it cools. Trust me , when you put it on your skin, it's alot hotter than you first think, so be sure to test it.
Whatever you do, DONT leave it in the microwave to long, or it will SCORCH just like popcorn and STINK so bad! If you scorch it, throw it away ,and start over , because it isnt fixable!
Seriously though, I cant believe everyone doesnt have one, I LOVE mine, and when I get a migraine, it's the only thing that will help. Give it a try!

Mom is having her card group over today, so I make each of them one of the little Halloween treat containers at the top of the page. They are all make with "Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage" Stickers.

Here are some of my Sept layouts for ScrapMuse. I loved this months kit so much!
Here is the September News letter.

Scrapmuse newletter

Tomorrow we plan to be with family, so I'm really looking forward to that. We are invited to Brent and Dianas, to watch the "Blue Angels" airshow. Picking up mom and taking her with us, so I'll have a chance to vistit with her too. Hope the rain stops and we get a little sunshine for the show.

Hope you all have a super weekend!


Nat said...

So sorry to hear about your headaches! I do have a rice thingi too - I should try that again. ;-) Love your LO's - Tilly one is my favorite! Hugs and hope you will feel better very soon!

Pattyjo said...

I love your page layouts! You do such a great job! I signed up for there newsletter today.