Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I told her I would

Took mom to her eye app in Omaha today. Silly Ma Ma, she didnt believe the crazy camera girl, when she said she was going to take a picture of her sitting in the room waiting for the doc.LOL Look at her, innocently smiling at me, (thinking I'm kidding). I'm still not sure she believes I really took this picture. I know she knew the fash went off, because the room was DARK, so it really lit thing up.LOL All the lights were off, because he was coming in to have her try to read the little letter chart.( Geez, hope I didnt mess that up)
She is the best mom ever! It was so nice to spend the day with her. I dont know any other 85 year old as active as she is. She's something! After her app, I took her to lunch at her favorite place. .... Yep "Long John Silvers" LOL We dont have one in Fremont anymore, and she really misses it. I would have gladly taken her to someplace much nicer, but this is what she mentioned ,that she would really like . What a cute little ma ma she is!
Other than that,.... stopped at Borders and got some goodies. I'll take a picture tomorrow . SO CUTE!! I also picked up copies of the "Scrapbook Answers Special Holiday issue" for Jan and Deb. Eventually, I'll be able to post pictures of the projects I did for that issue.

No headache to day either! Yay! I was really concerned, because the weather really changed , and it got ALOT cooler last night. That sometimes effects my headaches. Also the fact that they were cutting the beans, in the field behind the house yesterday and today! I was shutting windows like crazy yesterday when I heard them..... I could just image all of our allergies kicking in. (the allergy family moves to the country?) Makes sense to me! LOL

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Pattyjo said...

Your mother must love the time you spend with her. You certainly are a good daughter..