Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I want my computer back!!!

I still dont have a computer! Jarad is re formatting it , so I'm using his laptop right now. I'll lucky to have it to use,but I want mine!!!Whaaa! All my files and stuff are on it, and I'm just ! All you get is my ramblings.
The puttying and sanding has not begun on the walls, so the house is a disaster. Well, atleast thats a good reason for dust right? Cant wait untill the paint is on and the mess is over.
I called Sharon (sis) yesterday,and chatted with her until my battery went dead! LOL It was good to talk to her. I'm missing talking with Donna(sis) too... so I need to give her a call and catch up. Those two are always so good about calling... I'm the bad one. I havent even chatted with Jan (sis) much since school started and she started back with kids.

Jarad had a good time in Branson. He is so funny! Since he was born ... I swear that kid eats , sleeps and drinks, mechanics and electrical!!!! I asked him what they did when they were in Branson...thinking he would tell me about the theme park they went to , or somthing like that. He starts telling me that they went to the "Ripleys believe it or not" Museum, and he got to see
THE VACUME CLEANER FROM THE MOVIE "CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG" I about died laughing! That is just SO JARAD! He loved all the gagets in the that movie SO MUCH when he as little.... I think he watched it everyday for a year!!! LOL Seriously! We all know every line in that movie!

I'm heading outside to take the pups for a little walk... it's so nice to day and the SUN is shining! Yippee!!! It feels like it's been cloudy for weeks!

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Pattyjo said...

I know I missed our computer when it went out. My husband hooked up our old one, but its not the one I was use to. I know what you mean!