Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's not everyday when...

WHEN YOU SEE AN ELEPHANT GOING DOWN THE ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can even imagine the lenghs I went to , to bring you these amazing photos today!!! LOL
I figured my blog was getting pretty boring ,so I better come up with somthing better. How about an ELEPHANT going down the hyway?
I should be working for National Geographic!!!! I will go to any lengths to get the shot! LOL

Here's how the whole thing started...
Jarad left for work about 2pm.. shortly after I get a call from him saying. "Hey mom, you want a funny picture"? Well my son knows me well, doesnt he? LOL He said , "I just passed an elephant comming down the hyway". "It's just at the curve... if you go up to the hyway, it should be comming past in just a couple of minutes". I run out to the car, with my camera, ...NO shoes, NO purse.... Just my camera. I'm thinking , since the hyway, is just up the road about 1/2 mile, it's no biggie, right? Well, when I look towards the hyway, ...there it is... going by......AND I'M MISSING IT! Well, we cant have that!!!.... SO I get on it! That elephant was MOV'IN!!! I finally caught up to it, but couldnt get around it. Atlast I got around it ,and a ways ahead, so that I could pull off the road for a good shot. As you can see, by the large variety of Butt shots here.... I wasnt quick enough! You know what's really embarrassing? I followed it half way to Schuyler!(about 7 miles) LOL
Man... it' just doesnt take much to amuse me does it? Oh well, I'm looking at it this way, it's gorgeous out today... a good day for a ride in the country! LOL

p.s Imagine what I might do for a real elephant? hmmmm


Ruth said...

What a riot Vic. We have a cement elephant that keeps getting passed around from house to house as a joke. I have got to borrow this picture from you to send to those friends and tell them to beware of the next delivery of the dreaded "elephant"...he has grown.

Pattyjo said...

Oh my word! At first I thought it must be a statue of an elephant, but its real! You had to get a picture, because no one would have ever believed you!