Monday, September 11, 2006


Boy if you have watched any TV or listened to the radio today, you know how quickly all those memories of 5 years ago today, come back, as fresh as ever. Hard to believe 5 years have passed. It is true that everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news, and how they felt. I was on my way to school when I heard the first word about it , but at that point , when the first plane hit, they were still thinking it was some kind of accident. The official word on it came by note, to the classroom , from the principal. I remember how sick I felt when i read that note, and how unbieveable it all seemed. I still have that note, to this day.
As I was looking at all those sweet little preschoolers , laughing and playing, so oblivious to what was happening, and how hard it was for Julie and I to keep smiles on our faces, after updates from the office, on what was happening. I remember wishing my boys were home, and so was I. It's like a mother hen, wanting to gather in her chicks and keep them safe.
Today , I'm thankful, my boys are safe, but hurt for all the parents who's sons lost their lives fighting for our freedom. Having sons that are old enough to have to got to war..Really makes a mother think. I never take my freedom for granted and am so proud of the brave solders that have fought for it! Thank you is not enough!
I got an email today from my friend Cindy from Canada, and it was just so touching, I want to share it. Thanks Cin!

May we remember each other and defeat the evil that was meant to defeat all the good.
Hug your loved ones, reach out to a friend, remember the pain then over come it with a smile for someone else.

With love reaching from our country to your country, and my heart to yours, we will win.


Nat said...

I'm sending hugs to you too!!!

Pattyjo said...

Our country was'nt made all of us stronger. I still remember house after house lined with flags.