Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I dont know what it is
but as I get older, I like clean and simple,
ALOT! I used to be the queen of nick nacks.
I think it must have somthing to do with dusting? LOL
I have this spot at the end of my counter,that is the first thing I see everyday when I come down stairs. No matter how out of control anything else in the house may get I keep somthing fun or pretty there. A little grouping or basket, or vase with flowers...some eye candy to start the day. This is what is there today. ( and trust me , the rest of the house it still not put back together yet) This is my little peice of ZINE! LOL We got these yummy sparkling juice drinks the other day, and I though the bottle were so cool, No way I could have thrown them away, right? Wes was just really getting a laugh at how thrilled I was with these bottles. Hey some might thing it's wierd but , wierd or not... I'm enjoying it!
The painting is finished, the Carpets are cleaned and the furniture comes tomorrow!!! Yay! I'll post a picture when things get put back in place.


Nat said...

How beautiful - love those bottles and can truly understand why you love them!!!! (ps - will listen to your email in some seconds;-) )

Pattyjo said...

That is funny, because I thought the bottles were a decoration too. They are so pretty and the flowers are perfect.