Monday, October 16, 2006

Back in the swing of things

I dont know if it 's the fact that its been cold and cloudy or what , but I've been SLUGGISH the last few days. Cant use "regrouping" from Memory Trends excuse for much longer. I've milked that one for all its worth! LOL

I have so much backed up work I've been doing for Scrapbook Answers for the past few months that I still have new things to post. YIPPEE! Bet everyone thought I was lazzing around the last few months , didnt cha? LOL
The box set (altered box and cards) up at the top did make it onto the Scrapbook Answers CD , along with the "V" , down at the bottom.
If you know anything about me and how I scrap, you know that,"Sports layouts" are not my thing, but I asked to do these for an upcomming Sports layouts section for the magizine. I'm really sad because the soccer layout was an assignment for the opening of the article. The photo is of the CEO of the Magizines son. I redid that layout 4 times, trying to get it the way it would look best for the photo opening for the section. Poo!
The layout below is of a friends son. The assignment was to be a unique title treatment, so the start is cut from an actual ball. The Halloween Bag actually did also make it onto the CD. It was done using Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Halloween stickers. (MY FAVES!)

I am still so sad about the loss of Scrapbook Answers, but very excited that the online Design Team I'm on , SCRAPMUSE , has barely skipped a beat, and is now under new ownership and back in full swing!!!! YAY!
Cant wait for the new kit's to be shipped for November. The new owner is someone who has been a part of the site for some time ,and knows how things work. She knows how close we all are ,and how much we wanted Scrapmuse to stay the same. It's a fantastic bunch of girls , with tons of talent , who get along so well. They are like family! I'm thrilled Scrapmuse is here to stay!!!!


Nat said...

Vicki - I love teh layouts! So sorry about SA - it is really sad! But...happy for Scrapmuse that is jsut awesome!

Amanda said...

*big hugs* Thanks Vicki! As always your LOs are just fab. and I love those mirror ornaments too - may have to try that!

Pattyjo said...

That is so neat that your projects are on a CD!