Sunday, October 15, 2006

A bit more

I couldnt fit all the photos in the last post , so adding the rest here. the first layout at the top and this card below were both "Faux Stamp" technique assignments. The "Stamp" look on both are just done by masking off areas, stamping with rubber stamps and cutting with decorative scissors.

The two round ornaments were an assignment using "Faux etched glass" look. I stamped with white Stazon ink onto small square mirrors. They were adhered to these flat round paper machae discs with stencil paste. I added the mirrors, sequins and glass beads. This project was for a step by step article.
Heres the 5 minute gift bag, that I couldnt get to upload on the other post last night.

Wes is home today.(I'm thinking ... to do his laundry). He was at a concert in Omaha last night, and him and one of his friends came back here to stay late last night. Jarad has a friend here from Omaha too, but they stayed in the camper last night. I love having the kids and thier friend here. I'm glad they feel they can bring their friends here. And I'm glad I made those Muffins!!! LOL
Wes opened all his cards from family when he got home yesterday. I had to laugh because I had them all in a big Zip lock , clipped on the fridg, and when he saw it , he was like a little kid. He said "Hey, woo, I'm Mr. Popularity!" Thanks Family! I know I've said it before , but I am so lucky... I have the most Fantastic and supportive family ever!

I'm taking a little break from scrapping the next few days. Hoping to take a bit of time to submit some things and update my resume, but also just going to take some time to chill and do a few things around here. Still feeling really good just to be home!


Anonymous said...

Vicki those projects are gorgeous!!! I saw them in SA but they are so much more beautiful in your photos. Please take some time to yourself, you deserve it after everything you have been doing. <3

Pattyjo said...

Your projects are beautiful! Its nice you get a break every once in awhile. Your schedule is so full.
Great job!