Monday, October 30, 2006

Busy Day,,,week

Today was a busy day... It seemed to fly by. Wes and I ran into Omaha today. We both had errons to run there, so we drove in together. He is in a upcoming wedding , so needed to take care of tux fittings, ect. His band is playing at the bar on Halloween, so he was looking for a costume also. (along with EVERYONE else in Omaha)!!! What a zoo!
Anyway, he wanted to check out Manglesons, so of course, while he was looking at costumes, I had to check out the scrapbook stuff. It's always fun to see all the Crafty Secrets Stuff they carry there. YIPPEE Anyway, I also ran across this! What fun! I new I had this matchbook album coming out in "Altered Arts Mag" but didn't even realize it was out already.
It's a matchbook album I did of my Scrapgroup friends.... Becky, Deb, Ruth and my sis , Jan.
All of the pages can be seen at Altered Book Club
if your interested.

It's going to be a BUSY week, any way you look at it. This weekend is Silverbella

on Friday. Jan(back row left, in photo) , Deb(back row middle) and I will be going. Our friend Becky (front row right) is a part of this totally cool event. We are excited to be able to atleast Friday night, since we wont be able to go for Sat. Jan and I are teaching 6 classes in Albion on Saturday, for there Big Birthday Bash
Once at the site, you can scroll down , if you want to see our classes. That will be a fun/busy day, especially after having a late night the night before.

Tomorrow will consist of going through class kits to see if we have enough for a few extras. Got a call from the Albion store on Sat, saying their are others who would like to take the full classes, if we can take them. Time to check supplies! LOL

I got my ScrapMuse Kit today, so I need to get busy with that. It will be a pleasure ...Since the kit is GORGEOUS!!! Amanda is doing a wonderful job as new owner!!!

I guess it's a good thing, I chilled a bit , over the weekend , when mom was out here, because this week is gonna have me hopping! It was so nice to have mom out this weekend. She is the absolute best mom anyone could ask for.

Well, off to bed for me... I have to get up right away in the morning and run to the store for flour, so I can bake the pumpkin muffins, I stirred up tonight... And then DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH FLOUR!! OH.... That is SO frustrating. Hey... But, it's a great pumpkin bread/muffin recipe... I'll share it tomorrow. It's the BEST!!!

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