Monday, October 02, 2006

Catching up

Ok, this should pretty much sum up what Wes likes to do when he comes home.LOL (he is not going to be pleased with me if he sees these photos) LOL
He doesnt have to work weekends with his new job, so he's able to come home more often.
Him and I did go out for lunch on Saturday,and that was nice. Dan is still sick with a bad cold, and Jarad had to work this Saturday. Wes came home to so to his friend Pats to watch the Nebraska game Saturday night. He did get to spend some time at home though. I think he enjoys the comforts of home, and home cooking. I know he loves seeing the dogs, and I think he likes us a little too! LOL Funny how as you get older , .... your parents are really ok people! LOL
Jarad was actually home for a while today. Long enough to watch a movie and have dinner with the fam. (that's rare). He's busy working alot of hours now, and he will be even more busy next month when classes start.
For the most part , it was a pretty unevenful weekend, but I did get some work done, in my studio and around the house, so that's good. Hope all of you had a good weekend also!

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Pattyjo said...

You make your home so comfy for your fellows! You are making good memories for them in the future.