Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dont forget to watch

Today I was on the running errons most of the day...this and that. You know how thing just build up and finally you just gotta hit the road and get it done! LOL
It's been cloudly and gloomy all week! YUCK! ...but I still took a few fall shots , just for the heck of it. This barn always intriques me... it's just up the road.

The mums and pumpkins are on my porch and the shot of the field, is through the trees in the back yard.

I saw this tree , and just had to stop. The colors were just gorgeous!


I cant wait!!!! Mom is coming out for dinner and to spend the night, so we can watch it together. Looking forward to spending some time with her also. Jan and Kieth are on their way to meet up with the Tilly's at there Show on Saturday night. Hope they have a fun and saft trip! Cant wait to hear all about it when they get back!

I swore I was heading for bed early tonight, because I actually fell asleep on the couch for a few minutes , I was so tired! Still working on my sleep schedual LOL Got up early this morning , so I hope I sleep good tonight! Cant get my sleep to adjusted... cause I have to stay up to watch LETTERMAN!!! YIPPEE! ROCK ON TILLY'S!!!!


becky said...

so cute that your mom is spending the night! i'll be watching too! i really enjoyed reading your last few blog entries! at least i can catch up with what's happening in your life here!

Pattyjo said...

Oh I wish I would have found your blog when this happened. I would have been glued to the set. You all must have been so excited!