Saturday, October 21, 2006

Endless Charm

I have to say photography has opened my eyes to so many things. I think I always saw beauty in simple things, but looking through a lens really makes me notice things I think I missed before. I am certainly not very knowledgeable about lens, sutterspeed, ect...
I still haven't read the manual for my camera, and don't know how to use all the settings.... But lucky for me , I have a easy to use camera. I am learning more as I go, but just from trail and error. My photos sure won't win any awards, but taking them, looking at them, and sharing them , is one of my very favorite things lately.

As I've said before, I have to give my brother-in-law , Keith credit for opening my eyes to this new art form , I enjoy so much. He was really the first person I saw taking photos of "things" not just people(in set groupings, saying "CHEESE". He takes photos of little things, details, architecture, colors,... A lot of the things we walk by everyday and never notice...But it's really cool, captured in a photo. He looks at photography from a totally artistic point of view... And it's so inspiring!
My nephew Bryce is a media major and his photography is just AMAZING. I was going to put a link to his gallery, but I realize it's one I had stored in my favorite, and was lost when Jarad re formatted my computer. I'll have to have Rhonda or Donna send it to me again. I'd love to be able to share it with you.
I guess I better explain these pictures, before a carry on anymore. ha!
Well, this is Snyder Nebraska, about 20 minute from here. It's were Wes was passing through when he got his flat tire.
When we went back to get his car, I decided to grab my camera and walk down main street.(about 3 blocks). Talk about cool things, you go by constantly and never really take in. I live 20 minutes from here , and have never really stopped to notice it. TODAY I NOTICED! LOL There was NOTHING going on in this town at all(and it was Saturday). But it was just CHARMING!

For some reason, I'm having problems with blogger again tonight, so I couldn't upload all the pictures I wanted to. I'll upload them tomorrow.

Um.... This part of the story isn't as pleasant. This old house sits out in the middle of nowhere, with cornfields all around it. (I mean...Right up to the back porch). I have always been so curious about this place, and was dying to stop and take some photos. You know how that goes...You always think about it , but never do it, right? Well, we were going down the road, and I decided that I WAS stopping to take some pictures. I was coming up on the turn off and turned on my blinker, and said to Wes, I'm stopping. About the time I turned onto the (MINIMUM MAINTENANCE) Road, Wes Said, "NO MOM....It's pretty muddy!) TOO LATE! All I'm saying about this is ..

got the shots

Wes drove

4 wheel drive

need a car wash bad!


Nat said...

Gorgeous photos - I'm crossing my fingers! Love the one of the old gas-station - that would be a great photo about relaxaton and refuelling engergy ;-)
(see since I take Shimelle's class I'm trying to think how to avoid taking my own photos for the moods we scrap about LOL)

Pattyjo said...

Would'nt it be great if those old walls could talk. Imagine who lived in that house and what ever happened to them.