Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Friday!

It's Friday already and it's my friend Debs Birthday.... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEB!!!

I got a fun package in the mail from my sweet sister Donna today. These cool Copper ornaments. The are gorgeous...and all handmade art! I love that! I guess there is someone there (Apache Junction AZ) that makes them. THANKS sis... I love them!!!

Is this the sweetest little face or what???? This is one of the photos on the disc that Rhonda sent me. All the pictures were great, but this is my all time favorite of Tate! SOOOO CUTE! I WILL be scrapping these! Thanks Rhonda!

I altered these candles with the new Fancy Pants Designs Papers today. I LOVE these papers. I worked on some other things too, but I didnt finish them until late tonight, so I'll wait until daylight to take a better photo.

I'm really looking forward to my Nov. ScrapMuse kit. I got a chance to talk with Amanda, the new owner of ScrapMuse , on the phone for a bit, and she is just so sweet. I'm so happy that things worked out so well, and that ScrapMuse, barely missed a beat , and it back!!!!

I heard on the news, there is talk of snow here this weekend!!! WHAT!!! I am NOT ready for winter. I love a snowy day now and then...but winter gets old quick for me these days!

I have to thank Cousin Becky, for a good laugh today! She sent me this know...the ones that get you all wrapped up in watching something, really intense, and quiet,and then some SCREAMING SCARY FACE POPS UP!!!! Holy Cow! It was late tonight and I had my volume turned way up... I swear I came out of my chair 6 inches. (that wasnt the funny part) The funny part was, I (of coarse) forwarded it to everyone( who I didnt think had a weak heart). I got an email tonight from my friend Kim... and I laughed so hard after reading her email, because she reacted to it as severly as I did. Why is it SO MUCH funnier, when it happens to someone else? LOL I was literally laughing out loud reading her email!!!!!
Then I started thinking about each of you ,and how you probably reacted, and I LAUGHED SOMEMORE! SO ....thanks Becky!

Here's the link , if you want to see it

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Pattyjo said...

Hahaha...I have seen that same email a while back. It scares everyone, because your not expecting that.
Your candles are perfect and beautiful!