Sunday, October 08, 2006

Heading out early

I decided I would post , one last time ,before I leave. I'll have to be up an ready to leave the house by 4am, so I'm down to the crunch. I get in to Vegas around 8am,and my class is at 1pm... so pray for NO flight delays!
I decided I would post some the the layouts in this months Scrapbook Answers since it's out now. All the layouts except, "Her sweet smile" were for a article on Resist Techniques. The Hydrangea layout was a sticker and paint resist,combined with a Shaving cream and acrylic paint technique .(the white and blue marbled paper). The "Her Sweet Smile" layout was for a "Unique Title" spot. The girl is Ariel, Paulas Grandaughter.

The "Fall in the Country" layout was done using Pariffin wax and color washes. I really wanted to to a "Nebraska" layout, so I'm glad I got one in! The road is the road to the cabin, the leave's pumpkins, and mums are from my yard, the cows are the neighbors(lol), and the yellow flowers with the water in the background is from the river behind the cabin.

"He's our Comic Relief" , is a marbling technique done with Acrylic Paint and Shaving cream. (Can you say...MESSY?) The little guy is a friends son.

The "ara" layout is a "PVA Glue Resist"..(so you dont have to learn the hard way, like a did, PVA glue, basicly While Craft glue... or elmers)..that was a hard lesson learned! LOL Anyway, you brush it on the white paper and ink over it. You can rub off the places you want no color. The little girl is one of Jan's darling day care kiddos, and Jan took this amazing photo! Thanks Jan!

Okay, better get back to work...still lots to do today. Hoping to get some Fancy Pants Designs , Layout finished yet. Here's hoping! Love you all! Talk with you Friday!


Nat said...

Boy- those are amazing layouts. I would give my right leg mmmmmmh - maybe my left one for just knowing all the techniques!!!

Pattyjo said...

Those are beautiful page layouts! I love the colors in the marble tech.