Friday, October 13, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Vegas was fun, but it sure feel good to be home. Whew...Just a few days of that , wears you out pretty quick
It was so great to see the girls! ALL the girls! I always love to be able to spend time with my"Crafty Secrets girls". They are like family to me. We stayed at The Fairmont,and it was so nice. It had a kitchen, living room area, two bedrooms, a little dining area, two bathrooms, a washer and dryer... Anything you would need. It worked out so well.

It the show, it's always so funny to get to see all my online and Design Team friends, from one end of the country to the other.
The girl without the long dark hair is Amy Teets. She was there with "Dream Street Papers" She has designed the most gorgeous line of papers for them. There was certainly a lot of chatter about them at the Show, so I'm very sure they are off to a great start.

The girl in the middle of the line of girls is My Sweet long time friend. Kim Morreno. Her and I became friends and did our first layout swap, way back when she was still over in Germany.
She is now Co-owner of "Picture it Page Frames"( the new Design Team I'm on) with Tara Tuck, who is just to the right of her. It was so great to meet Holly VanDyne and Kimber McGray in person for the first time also. So great to meet these girls in person, and be able to put the name with a face.

I'm so excited about this new team Kim and Tara have lined up for Page Frames, it's going to be great!

The girls in the photo of three are Ronda Lewis , Kim and I. Ronda is from NM, and was here with "HandDyed" Ronda is doing such a great job with Hand Dyed... It's a perfect fit for her!

The short dark hair girl is Leesa from Creative Impressions. She is just the sweetest person ever! They were such generous contributors to the class I did at MT, with ribbon, brads , photo turns, spiral clips ect.... I cant begin to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with her on getting that lined up! Thank you to Creative Impressions! The girl to in the red shirt is Kerri from "Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L" and again, another sweet person and great contributor to the class! Their Adhesives are fantastic and they have so many to choose from. Not only that but they donate and and do all they can for Brest Cancer awareness. So cool to see a scrapbook company be so involved in a good cause!!!

The class went so well, having all this great product to use to make it all come together... They only problem was, when we got to the big classroom to get step up, we couldn't get in , because the class before us , was just BEGINNING not ENDING! It wasn't there fault. Their supplies didn't who up. I couldn't imagine how horrible that would be,... To have 50+ people waiting to take a class , and having to supplies. They running so late, of course ,made us run late, and that rattled me a bit. But it all worked out... At bit rushed,but it went fine.

I uploaded all these photos small, but I'm still running out of room so I'm starting a new post. Read below... Just click on the photos to see them much bigger.


Nat said...

OMGosh - I'm so jalous of you girls! How wonderful you could meet Amy, Kim and Rodna!!!! Hugs to all of you!

Jami said...

Oh Vicki how awesome that you got to meet up with Rodna, Kim and Amy. I am so jeolous. Sounds like a wonderful time and I missed you.

Pattyjo said...

You all look so happy and like you all enjoyed yourself. It nice for you to have fun too! (Smile)