Friday, October 13, 2006

A little bit more

Vegas really does have some beautiful things to look at, and it's defiantly OVER THE TOP! It's certainly no place I would live, but it's something to see. This is my third trip there, and everytime I'm just amazed at just how "over the top" it really is. WOW

The "Fancy Pants Designs" Booth was as beautiful as usual. Jodi and Jarred where hopping! I got a chance to chat with them a few different times , but somehow managed not to take a photo of them. I was in such a rush doing layouts before I left, there where a couple I hadnt even had a chance to scan, so I took a few pics of those. This one is one I did with a photo Jan took of one of her Day Care kiddos.

The photo of the 4 of us, is a bit blurry, sorry, but it was all I had. Left to right.. me, Cindy(graphic designer) ,Sandy(CS owner), and Wendy,(office Manager at CS) all my Canadian Friends. LOL Eh?

These photos are just some of the beautiful things we saw in the evening when we would go out for dinner , shopping ect.
None of us gambled at all, now that I think of it.

But , we did shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( ok, really it was a staged photo...those bags arent really all mine)
I'm such a bargan shopper, and these girls had been telling me about Ross ....what fun!

It was sad to have to say goodbye at the end of the day yesterday, but I was excited to back to my own shower ,and bed, and pups. (the fam too)LOL The perfect end to the day, was that Becky and I were on the same flight back to Omaha, so her, Tia Benett and I took the same taxi and rode to the airport together. Tia , has to go her way on another airline, but Bec and I had time to grab somthing to eat. We shared nachos and each had a margarita, and CHATTED! It was great! We laughed about how we've had a hard time getting together to go to lunch lately... and that we had to come to Vegas to finally make it happen. LOL As tired as we were, that one margarita about put us out! Good think we were close to our gate! LOL We both rested our eyes on the flight home. It alway feels so good knowing you when you land your home!
Now back to unpacking and laundry!

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Pattyjo said...

You are so good at taking awesome pictures! You just ooze talent!