Friday, October 06, 2006

A little time in the kitchen

Wow, talk about a miss mash of photos.... today's the day for it! LOL I spent some time in the kitchen this morning , making two double batches of muffins, (banana nut and blue berry), and making a birthday cake, of sorts for Wes. None of us are big cake eaters, so I usually make a dessert, (we call CAKE) lol It was a nice cool fall morning ,and I was up early, so I decided to get this done. I always used to make muffins ,wrap them individually and freeze them, so the boys could take them out on their way out the door to school. Somedays, I wonder if thats how Wes survived his college years. (that and Ramen noodles) ha!
I made enough muffins for Jarad while I'm gone next week, and to take to Wes and his room mates tomorrow. I used to bake and cool alot, but I've really gotten away from it. It was really enjoyable to spend some time in the kitchen ,and just mill around the house this morning. I had tons of work I probably should have been doing ,but it was worth it.

I was outside with the dogs for a minute and saw these crazy looking mushrooms growing over in the side yard. Had to go grab my camera. See, it's true... I'll take pic's of anything! tee hee!

Neely is leaving to go back on tour tomorrow, so I'm sending her hugs and kisses!!! Have a safe trip sweetie!
I'm finally starting to get things back up on the wall. I love this big metal star my friend Debs hubby made. Actually Deb had him make them for each of the 5 girls in the our scrap group. They turned out so cool! I love mine, but the sage green I had painted it before didnt match now, so dark brown it is. I just loved the way the light was comming through the front door this morning and leaving this shadow on it.

The day that we went out to the Barn Boutique, I saw this stool, and fell in love with it. I was being a good girl , so made myself walk away from it. Well, guess what Deb and Jan gave me for my Birthday??? You guessed it! I'm I spoiled or what?

I have to tell you, I get the biggest kick with someone emails me and tells me they have been reading my blog. It's wierd because you never know who could be reading your blog. Mine is usually pretty boring, (except for the elephant going down the hyway) so I cant imagine it would be to interesting to many. LOL But today, I got a card from Rhonda(neice), and she said she reads everyday. I heard that either Brent(nephew) or Donna (sister), gave Amber (neice), my blog address. Amber... If your reading, I love you hon!!! Taylor(nephew) too! I think of you guys so often!!! I dont know why, but just knowing my far away family is reading makes me feel closer and more connected with them. Thanks for taking time , you guys!!! Any of you who know me, know my family is SO imprortant to me. We cant all live near one another... we are spread all over the country, but no matter how many miles or how long between visits.... we love eachother like crazy!!!!!


Nat said...

Wow - gorgeous mushrooms!! And for the muffins - I hope you send some over- they look yummie ;-)

Pattyjo said...

Great picturs! Your making me hungry though! LOL